Saturday, January 27, 2007

Friday, January 26, 2007

Dear Journal,

Hehehe...yes, I know the blogster thinks it's Saturday, and technically speaking, it is Saturday since it is after midnight now. I should be in bed!! My plan tonight was to actually go to bed fairly early so that I could have the luxury of reading my book and/or watch the news. But did I do that?? Nooooo! I've been puttering around on the computer, getting some emails out and going through others. I was even going to call Melinda tonight (waving to Melinda) which would have been afternoon her time... but did I do that??? Nooooo!! Did I call anyone tonight?? Noooooo!! I think I'm getting very lazy in my recouperation time (grin).

I have had a request to put up a new picture of myself now that I'm at home. This one was taken by my co-worker, Charmaine, when I surprised everyone by showing up at the office on Wednesday for the surprise goodbye lunch for another coworker. Hahahaha... thank goodness the picture is fairly small here on the blog because you can't see the lines and crows' feet around the eyes. Something about losing weight on the face and (gasp) being over 50... you can't escape those lines!! Hahahahaha!

Now, in all fairness, there isn't a heck of a lot to report right now. Things are going well but I don't have any real news to report. The last update was on Wednesday when I went to work to visit the gang and attend the "surprise" goodbye lunch ... and then in the evening had a visit from 3 coworkers who we all worked together 5 years ago. That was a full day for me so Thursday was spent just taking it easy. Heck, even though I was taking it easy, I still managed to walk the dog both in the morning and afternoon AND got a load of laundry done all by myself. So I consider that to be some major accomplishments at this point in my physical recovery.

Today, Friday... was a very lazy day. Yes, I walked the doglet, Miss Bridget, both in the morning and afternoon. Now, interestingly enough, in the morning when I wake up, I take my pain meds, of which there is 10mg of Oxycodone combined with some Tylenol. This med combination now works great... much better than when I was in the hospital. So going for the morning walk is very enjoyable and painfree. I only take the Oxycodone in the mornings now, with the goal being to be off of it completely in the next little while. In the afternoon when we do the afternoon walk, it is a much shorter walk because I do find myself getting more tired. Now I don't know if it's just because I've been up that much longer or if it is because I'm not on the Oxycodone in the afternoon... which just goes to show, those narcotic pain killers can be deceiving. You can feel you are doing so much better, when really, it's just the drug hiding the symptoms. I found that to be quite interesting.

Well, tomorrow is going to be another gorgeous day. We are now going through a nice long period where the forecast is for sun, sun, sun! It may get colder, expecially if there is any kind of wind, but it is soooo nice to see the sun instead of rain, rain, rain and gray clouds. For those of you not in the Vancouver area, you can check out the Vancouver web cam during the day at:

(ok, you are going to have to copy and paste this address into your browser since the coding to make it a clickable link has escaped my mind at this time of night... so just copy and paste it or else type it into your browser address field)

Sooooo, Saturday's agenda, as it stands tonight is that I will just putter around here at home, take the furry diva for her walkies, and then my friend Steve Street will come over in the evening and we are going to have a movie night :)

But that's all I've got to say for tonight... hope you all have a good weekend, whatever you are planning on doing!


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