Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Tuesday, January 30, 2007 - BC Cancer Agency calls

Dear Journal,

I just had to add a picture of the flowers I received today from Rod and Joan Oben. Aren't they beautiful??? And the timing was perfect. Today, it wasn't that I was in pain per se, but more like an ongoing discomfort. I was also very tired and ended up having a long nap this morning, after I had already had a good night's sleep. Now, I know I had cut out the Oxycodone on the weekend and it's possible that my body is getting used to not having that pain med in the system. Also, about 3pm today I realized, because of the morning nap, I did not take any of my pain meds. Duh! And I'm wondering why I was in discomfort??

Anywho... I got the call from the BC Cancer Agency today. This was the call I was waiting for to let me know when the consultation appointment with the oncologist(s) will be. It is going to be Thursday, February 8th at 12:15pm. So this will be the beginning of PHASE 2 of Cheryl's "It's All About Me" Journey (grin). This consultation appointment will be 2-3 hours where I will get introduced to the staff/doctors who will be looking after me and my case. At the moment, Jo and Steve O. will be coming with me to the appointment so that I have more than just my own set of ears to hear what all they have to tell me. I say "at the moment" because Jo is out of town this week and Steve is at work on location today and tomorrow, so I left messages on their voicemails about the appt. and hopefully they will be available on Feb 8th. It will be at this appointment that they will let me know when I'll be starting the chemo, how often, and how many treatments... as well, if I'll be getting any radiation treatments too. Until I meet with them, I don't really know what my treatment plan will be, other than I do know chemo will be involved.

Sooooo, that was today's news. Other than that, I was totally lazy. I guess some days are more energetic than others.. today was not one of them (grin). I do have more insurance paperwork that needs to get done, so I really should get started on that. Naaaaa... I'll look at it tomorrow (grin).

Well, time to put the bird (C.B.) to bed, and take the little 4 legged diva out for her evening constitution. Until later... ciao for now!


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Elf DebC/KC said...

The flowers are fabulous! What great friends Jo and Steve O are. I will be praying that the news at the Feb8 appt is good. I just know they are going to say, GOOD NEWS! HUGS!