Thursday, December 4, 2008

Wednesday, Dec 3rd, 2008 -- CAT scan this week!

Hiya Bloggy!

It's waaaaaay passed my bedtime!! Well, I'm not exactly sure what time my bedtime is but I do believe it should be long before 1am :) So, I better make this a quick entry.

I don't have any pictures to put in this entry... I am going to have to find a way of taking pictures.. of anything (grin)! Just so that I have some to put on the blog so it's not just boring yak yak yak :)

Well, I do have my CAT scan appointment at Royal Columbian Hospital now! This is the one that we've been waiting for... for the Radiology Dept. to get a time slot when the CAT scanner is available on a day when Dr. Halkier is at the hospital. Since he is the only interventional radiologist in BC who does this RFA (Lung Ablation) procedure, he's not often at this one hospital.

Anywho... he has reviewed my PET and CAT scans but since the last CAT scan was at the end of August, he wants an updated scan and I understand that he is going to do it himself (I could be wrong there). After the CAT scan, I am going to have the consultation appt. with him. Yayayayaya!! That means I don't have to go home and then come back next week to go over the CAT scan results. If he does the CAT scan then the idea is he can review the results right then and there... and I'm hoping at the consult appt. he can tell me whether or not it's a go for the RFA procedure.

Soooooo gang... you all know the drill (chuckle)!! Between now and Friday afternoon, everyone is to send positive thoughts towards Royal Columbian Hospital in New Westminster that will say "Yes, the procedure can be done on my and that it will be very straightforward... no complications or idiocynracies (spelling??) (grin)

Ok... it's now just after 1am!! I HAVE to get to bed!! I am going to be spending the afternoon at the TUTS office finishing up the database stuff I have started. It would be great if I could put a FULL day in, but not a chance. These legs and feet just don't work in the morning... I have to bribe them with drugs (grin) to get them working. Then Friday will be a busy day spent out in New West. After both appts. I'll be meeting my friend, Nancie, and we'll either do something for dinner or go to a movie or something :)

I WILL report back here when I get home on Friday... but it probably won't be until later at night since I will be out with Nancie :)

Ohhhh... and I must remember to blog about the "incident" we had in our apartment building last weekend... but that will take an entry on it's own, so will tell you all about it later :)




Bonnie said...

Sending good vibes your way - can't wait to hear how it all goes on Friday!!! Glad you don't have to wait for the results too.

Anonymous said...

Good, Good, Good, Good Vibrations...
I haven't been checking in very often, sorry, life just keeps intervening. Nothing bad, just life. I'm soooo glad you finally got the appt and it's tomorrow! Yah!!! I'll be tuning in for the results. Best of luck, fingers crossed, spit in the evil eye (pttuie) and break a leg.

Love, Susan S.