Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Tuesday, November 25, 2008 - Nothing New :)

Hiya Bloggy,

Just thought I'd check in, although I really don't have anything new to report. I figure that's a good thing... no news is good news :)

I did talk to Dr. Halkier's office this week... the gal I talked to was very friendly and said that my referral was at the top of the heap this week :) She says that she is going to try and co-ordinate with the Radiology Dept. at Royal Columbian a date for me to come in and have the CAT scan done that Dr. Halkier wants to see before being able to know if the Ablation procedure can be done or not. The problem being... getting a date with the CT department... and once there is a date, whether it's one when Dr. Halkier is actually at the hospital. So, besides the usual amount of people needing CAT scans, it's a matter of juggling a time when this particular machine is available and that Dr. Halkier is there as well. So, hopefully they will be able to get that figured out and arranged before Christmas ;)

Other than that... I continue to be busy, busy, busy! Sheesh... I think today was a bit of a waste since I did schedule it to stay home and work on the eNewsletter and the Santa Letters organization. Well, I felt sluggish and slow today, so what happened? Bridget and I ended up having a LONG nap this afternoon!! Yikes! I guess that is a good thing in that I obviously needed it... but a waste of hours where I wasn't being productive!!

Meanwhile, my Insurance guy, Deep, came by around noon today and we got my car and apartment (tenant's) insurance all done. YIKES!! That was almost $2000 right out the window and I didn't even leave home!! :) Imagine if I actually went shopping???

I think my days of shopping are long gone... I knew the economy was coming to this and no one was listening to me when I was talking about the sub-prime problem etc. last spring. Of course, even though I knew we were in for a rough patch, I didn't realize just how deep and how long this rough patch would go... and how much it was going to affect us, the little guys. I had forecast the horrid gas prices by the summer... but am pleasantly surprised that they have come down. I think this is only temporary and they will climb again. Meanwhile... our Canadian dollar..."OUCH!" That is certainly going to hurt for awhile!! So now WHY didn't I buy US $$$ just last spring when the Canadian dollar was worth more than the US dollar??

Oh well... what can you do?? It's not like it's just affecting "some" people... we all are being affected by the economy and will continue to be. So, when the world is in chaos, then all I want is for my own house to be in order... meaning debt-free and a tidy apartment!! LOL!! It's the tidy apartment I'm having a wee problem with at the moment :)

But that will change starting next week!! I have found a NEW cleaning person!! I'm soooo keeping my fingers crossed that she will work out. She is going to be doing my apartment and the boys upstairs (Scott and Tomas) next Tuesday and then will be coming over every second Tuesday after that. You have nooo idea how much I'm looking forward to this!!!

But now... my calendar becomes busier than ever! I'm not complaining... I like being busy, especially if it's being busy doing stuff I enjoy doing. And ever since the diagnosis, I've decided that that is all I'm going to do ... having a life of stuff I enjoy doing :)

Tomorrow night (Wednesday) I'm going to the Vancouver Playhouse to see The Drowsy Chaperone... I'm sooo looking forward to seeing that show. It has gotten wonderful reviews on Broadway but alas, I have not been to NYC for years. But the Playhouse is putting it on and a few friends of mine are in it, so I'm treating myself to going and seeing it tomorrow night and not letting my "I'm too busy" get in the way of seeing it :)

Tonight, I am going to get into my comfy jammies and come heck or high water, I am going to FINISH the eNewsletter. Hehehe... this is one of my pet projects that I started some 7 or more years ago and it has evolved over time into an eNewsletter that reports on what is going on in the Vancouver theatre community. Of course, it's my fault that this particular issue (Dec 1) I left to the last week to put together so I do feel the pressure. Normally, I give myself much more time to put it together so the pressure isn't there to produce in a short period of time.

Also, as many of you know... the Letter To Santa project starts up soon... December 5th to be exact! From December 5th to December 23rd, our team of happy little elves will be ready and waiting to help the big old jolly man up in the North Pole with all his mail ;) If elfdom ever appealed to you and the comfort of your computer, do get in touch with me (hiyacher@shaw.ca) and you might just be right to join the merry band of North Pole elves! Pre-requisites are a jolly attitude, an imagination with no limits and being a child at heart :)

Ok... time for me to get into my work clothes... a comfy pair of jammies!!! And make the decision of do I want a nice hot cup of tea or a mug of hot chocolate??? :D

Ho! Ho! Ho!!


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Anonymous said...

Yes, no news is good news, but an appointment for a Cat Scan....NOW, would be better news.
Enjoy your play tonight. BTW, what's the addy for your Santa letters.

Hugs, Maryann