Monday, December 29, 2008

December 29, 2008 - Post-Christmas/Pre-Lung Procedure

Hiya Bloggy!

Well, I've been meaning to come in all day today to post an entry and it just didn't happen. Now, here it is almost 1:30am and I have to get up at 8am! Go figure, eh? I'm wide-awake right now... but talk to me in the morning. LOL!!

Just a quick note to say that Christmas was great, although, due to the weather I couldn't make it over to my friend, Steve Street's for Christmas dinner, which is a real shame! I hated to bail out the afternoon of, but the roads were just not clearing up on the side streets and Steve lives on a hill, on a road that is considered a side street so never did get plowed or sanded/salted. And getting a cab in this city when it's snowy/icy... well, good luck!! (That's a whole other story about Cheryl and Vancouver cabs! Grrrrr!)

Anywho... for those of us who have always wished we could have a White Christmas, we got it in spades this year!! Here are a couple of pictures I took Christmas morning at Dad's/Pat and Jerry's place...

My car is the black one behind the red one. Since I had only been there since the night before, there was very little snow on it... but you can see by the others, the snow had been falling for a few days!

Jerry's truck. Needless to say, it's not going anywhere soon :)

I'm not sure how tall this tree is but it is taller than me... and as you can see, the snow is creeping up to it. If it hadn't started raining on Boxing Day, this tree might have disappeared!

This road was well traveled and had been plowed a few times over the course of the week. The reason I show this is it is in much better shape than the side streets in my neighbourhood, which never got plowed! So you can imagine what our streets were like ;)

Bridget and Pedro on Christmas morning. Normally, Bridget doesn't care for all the noise and paper crunching, Christmas morning so goes back to bed and misses all the fun. But this year, she was quite happy to be social. But after it was over... she'd worn herself out and had to go to sleep...

Sound asleep under Mommy's coat... and that's where she stayed for most of the afternoon ;)

Ok, I really better get to bed. Tomorrow (or should I say later this morning), Bridget and I are heading off to New Westminster and will be staying at my friend, Nancie's tomorrow night. I have a pre-admission appt. at Royal Columbian Hospital tomorrow morning so there's no point in me coming home after it, only to have to be back in New West on Tuesday at 8am. So Bridget and I have packed our overnight bag and will be heading over to Nancie's in the morning. While I'm at the appt., Bridget will be with Nancie. On Tuesday morning, Nancie will drop me off at the hospital for 8am and Bridget will go with her to work. What remains to be seen is whether I will be discharged later on Tuesday or Tuesday evening or whether I'll be staying overnight at the hospital after my lung ablation procedure. If I have to stay at the hospital, then Bridget will stay with Nancie an they will pick me up Wednesday when I'm discharged. If I'm discharged on Tuesday, then we'll all three stay at Nancie's :) Poor Nancie has no idea if she has Bridget and I for one night or two nights :)

Sooooo, I'll get another entry put up on the blog sometime later this week!!

Happy New Year everyone!!! Send those positive thoughts my way for Tuesday and for the new year and let's beat this monster into submission and a 30 year remission :)



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Anonymous said...

Positive thoughts heading your way Tuesday and everyday.

Good luck!

Hugs, Maryann