Monday, June 9, 2008

Monday, June 9, 2008 - Is it really Junuary??

Dear Bloggy,

Ok, has this rain and "wet Spring" not gone on long enough? It's pretty bad when everyone is referring to this month as Junuary!! Grrrr! I think we are long overdue for some dry, warm weather and that we all have been patient enough! They are now saying that the sun should start coming out on Wednesday and it should actually start getting back to the normal weather temps for this time of the year, by Thurs. Hmmm... does anyone believe "them"??

Well, just thought I'd check in to thank all who were concerned about my Friday night's nasty, NASTY bout of food poisoning. Whew!! I don't wish that on my worst enemy! Not that I can think of any enemies I might have, but if I have any, then I don't wish food poisoning on any of them! That is truly one of the worst things a human body must go through!!

But, I was fine on the weekend and yesterday, Sunday, I actually was out and about and (gasp) enjoying the World BG International Triathalon that had our neighbourhood closed down to traffic. I have never been big on these athletic kind of events, but I must admit, I was getting into the "atmosphere" of the crowds and how everyone came out to support the athletes even though the weather was not cooperating. Hehehe... I'm a sucker for crowd support :)

Anywho... yesterday morning I had an acupuncture appt. at 11am, followed by a reflexology appt. I love it that this doctor has his clinic open 7 days/week because it makes it very convenient to have these appts. on a Sunday. Now, the only problem on this particular Sunday was that the clinic was not only on the bike route of the triathalon, but very close to the start/finish line (hence the crush of media from all countries, the crowds, etc.) Now, this was not particularly a problem for me since the clinic is literally a short 3 blocks from my apartment, so I did not have to depend on taking the car out of the carport, or even on any buses since ALL traffic was blocked for the whole day in the neighbourhood... including buses and taxis. Hahaha... I just had to watch crossing the street since the streets were all fenced off but in between groups of cyclists whizzing by, they would let pedestrians cross the street... and I did have to cross the street to get to the clinic ;)

After my appts., I watched the Elite Female Athletes biking event for awhile and it was kind of neat... they are incredibly fast when they go by. I then went home and looked up the event on the internet, of which, there was a live 'commentary' of the event. By the time I found it, the women's event was over and they were just starting the Elite Male Athlete's event. I was watching them do the swim portion (the event consisted of 1.5 km of swimming, 40 km of biking, and 10 km of running) and hearing about who were the favourites, etc. Well, wasn't it exciting when Simon Whitfield of Victoria, BC (Canada) came out of the water first?? A little trivia there... his wife is in the hospital this weekend about to have their baby and he literally waited until the last minute to get over to the mainland... got here 45 mins. before the race so hadn't even seen the course before he started!

Anywho... I thought to myself, this is downright crazy!! Here we have an International event, which is a huge deal with top athletes from all over the world competing, right outside my front door and a block away from my back door ... and the admission is free! What the heck am I doing inside, on the computer when this is going on outside? Just as I was thinking that, Toby, my neighbour from across the hall came over to get Bridget and take her for a hike and said that they were going to head into Stanley Park but away from the crowds (Bridget is not big on crowds or loud noises), so I figured this was a good time for me to go check out the action while Bridget went off with Toby.

Well, am I ever glad I went out! In hindsight, I would have kicked myself for having missed this. The crowds were wonderful and so supportive. And I was actually very surprised to be in the middle of a kajillion different languages. It was on the news that this event brings in about 60,000 people from around the world who come specifically for these world triathalons and I figured this was probably accurate. It's quite exciting to be in the middle of everyone getting excited and calling out to their favourites in their own tongue. Hahaha... and there I was, rooting all of them on!! I got right into it :D

Here are a couple of pictures I took...

This was taken outside the front door of my acupuncturist's clinic. This is one of the corner's the bikes had to go around after zipping down a hill on Davie Street.

Ok, I had now gone home, checked the internet, decided to come back out... so this was taken out my front door and just down the street (whereas the one above was out my back door and over about 2 blocks).

The fellow in the lead, in the blue and red outfit, is Gomez from Spain. He won the Elite Men's in 1 hour 49 minutes and I forget how many seconds... but he was well ahead of the pack by a good bit. He basically could have walked the last kilmometre in and the rest would not have caught up to him... but he went at full tilt. I would imagine it wasn't just about winning since he knew early in the game he would win, but was in it for the timing.

Silly me!! Hahaha... I thought I might just slip over to the Finish Line to watch the rest come in... but as you can see, I wasn't the only one who thought that might be fun ;) I don't like the claustraphobic feeling of being in a "mob" so decided that I would pass on trying to get to the Finish line :)

But what a fun way of spending a Sunday. Since I couldn't get out of the 'hood by car or bus, my option was to stay inside or come out and enjoy the event. Since Sports are not my thing, I hadn't really thought about it, but I'm now glad that I did... it was very enjoyable! Now, the winners of the race(s) will next be competing at the Olympics in Beijing... and here they were running literally feet in front of me ;)

Now... as for my own news about the surgery... we are getting closer ;) I still can't get passed Ditzy-Doodle, the receptionist, but at least she is now aware. I went out for coffee with my good friend, Ian Forsyth today. Yep, the two of us did a PNW Coast trendy thing to do... met at a Starbucks to yak and watch the pouring rain ;) When I got home, there was a message from Ditzy-Doodle... but all the message said was "Hi Cheryl, this is XXXX from Dr. M's office. Could you give me a call when you get in. It's with regards to your surgery." Aha!!! Do you think it may finally be a surgery date?? Could she not have said so?? Of course, I called right back. It was 3:50pm when I called her, but alas, I got the voice mail. Obviously she had left for the day. All the more reason, could she not have said, "Hi Cheryl. Just calling to let you know we have a date for your surgery. We have you scheduled for XXXXX. Could you call me back to confirm that this date works for you?" But noooo... now I have to wait until tomorrow morning and hopefully I will get through to her and not get the voice mail.

So, where we stand... the hospital did call me on Friday and I have an appt. with them on Wednesday at 12:30pm for my pre-admission appt. This is the appt. where they get the paperwork done, the consent forms signed, an appt. with the anesthesist(sp?), blood work done and an explanation of where I go, what I do, what I can expect, etc. on the day of my surgery. I'm then assuming that the call I got today was to give me an actual surgery date. Yippeee!!!

According to the gal at the hospital that I talked to on Friday when we were setting up the pre-admission appt. time, the "expected" stay at the hospital will be for only 2 days... and then I come home for the rest of my recovery. But that recovery should be very quick since the surgery itself will be done laparascopically. Wow!! I can actually start thinking that this adrenal gland that has the problem is soon going to be removed completely and I won't have to worry about it!! How exciting is that??? :) :)

Meanwhile.. it's practice time!! :) Tomorrow (Tues), Bridget and I will be going to the TUTS office in the afternoon. When we get home, Dr. Joan (Bridget's Vet) will walk over to my apartment. She is coming to get Bridget and take her back to her place. This will be Bridget's first sleepover with Dr. Joan :) Dr. J., who is also a very good friend, not just Bridget's veterinarian, will be looking after Bridget both times I'm in the hospital. So she suggested we do a practice run tomorrow night. Bridget has no problems going with friends for walks. Hehehe... this past 18 months, she has had so many different doggy walkers that to her, anyone who puts on her leash means they are her walkers :) They will walk over to Joan's condo which is about 6 blocks from our place and Bridget will be most happy to go into her house and check it out. And it shouldn't take her too long to realize that she is going to spend the night with Joan.

Hahaha... it will be ME that is going to feel weird tomorrow night! I will be going over to Steve's for dinner and we are going to watch tonight's Canadian Idol and tomorrow night's... plus I'm going to show him a few things on his computer since he's a newly converted to Mac user ;) Then, when I come home, I'll be coming home with no dog in the car and no dog hogging the bed!!

So, that's about all the news for now. Here is a picture of my two kids... the two gray divas:

CB, the cockatiel has her wings clipped. For those who have met her before, she is a multi-handicapped bird. She can't fly, but she certainly can waddle/run on the floor and she is fearless. She figures that wherever Bridget is, she should be too. She follows Bridget around ... but Bridget totally ignores her. Bridget knows she's not allowed to chase or bark at CB, so she just avoids her and tries to pretend CB is not around :)

Ok... I better get a move on! Robyn and Graie, who used to live upstairs in the apartment above me, moved back to Montreal last August. Waaaaaaah!! But they are back in town for a visit!! YAYAYAYAYA!! We are waiting for Nathan to come home from work (he should get home about 7:30pm) and then Robyn, Graie, Mimi, Nathan and I are going out for dinner, just to a neat little Chinese Food Restaurant around the corner... ok, up the street 3 blocks and then around the corner :)

Sooooo... adios for now!! As soon as I know for sure when that surgery date is going to be, I'll come back and post it here :)


PS: Forgot to mention!! The new iPhone will FINALLY be available in Canada July 11th!!! I'm soooo excited! It is a newer version than the ones that were/have been sold in the States for around $400. Hahahaha... I don't have $400... but the new 8GB in Canada will be in $200!!! I can't afford that either... but I will find a way :D :D LOL!!


Rich said...

Oh myyyyy ... here I am thinking Cheryl is the only person in Canada not up in arms over the "Hockey Night" music thing, and here she is watching a sporting event like all us other sports fans! ;)

Anonymous said...

Shocked me that she's watching a sporting event...guess there's hope for her afterall. lol

Food poisoning is the worse, glad to hear you're feeling better.