Saturday, January 19, 2008

Saturday, January 19th, 2008 -- evening

Hey Bloggy,

I told you I'd be back! It's now 10pm HST on a Saturday night and can you believe it? I'm actually about to go to bed!! Too much sun and surf today!! Yes, today I went into the water against all my fears of falling or losing my balance while walking on the sand, I DID it! Oh sure, my wonderful friends are around me and would be there to help me in or give support with the walking if I needed it, but I wanted to do it on my own and I not only walked on the sand without the aid of the cane, I got in and out of the water on my own steam :) :)

Ok... now I'm not really sure where I left off, both in days and in pictures, so what the heck.... I'm just going to throw up a few photos that I've taken over the last week. There are others, but hey... this is just a taste of the past week...

This is the daily scene on the beach where you can find our group every day. I'm not exactly sure of our set up, but something to do with the beach boys that we've known for years store our umbrellas and chairs, then a couple of our guys come down early in the morning and set them up... the rest of us toddle down throughout the morning. These last few days, I've been the last one to get there in the mornings!

I thought this was one of those photo opportunities. Not far from where I get off the bus, on my way to the Hale Koa beach, these palm trees were blowing in unison against the blue sky... so of course I felt I had to take a picture. Especially since we've been hearing reports of wind, rain, snow and cold temps back at home... I figured I'd put this one up so everyone back at home could show sympathy that we are getting winds too :D Of course, ours are called the "Trade Winds" :)

Now, you may very well be asking what we do to keep ourselves amused while we spend every day down at the beach. A good question!! We get into competitive rounds of the card game, Quiddler!!! :)

I never get tired of seeing the Hibiscus growing outside. They grow everywhere... sort of like the daffodil or tulip back at home. These gorgeous flowers come in all sorts of colours, although this red/orange and a yellow one are probably the most common.

Oh, now how did this one get in here?? Yes, this is some of us up at Chuck's Steakhouse bar... where our favourite bartender, Bob Melton works. This was us AFTER having had dinner and now were having a few after dinner drinks.

Speaking of Bob... here he is! Peg is holding up the sign that announces, for the second year in a row, Bob is the winning bartender on the whole island for the new drink he made up. I forget the name of it, but he did make one for me and it was wonderful!

Ok, we are all getting ready to go to a Puu-Puu Party last night at Curt's house. A bunch of us met at the front of Peggy, Chris and my hotel and while we were waiting, had this picture taken ... just some of the gals ready to party :)

Hmmm... I thought I took more pictures at the party, but I guess I don't have them downloaded yet.

Today, we just sort of vegged out down at the beach, which is no different than what we do every day (grin). Ok, it's now going on 10:30pm and I'm sleepy so I'm heading to bed. The tops of my feet are peeling big time and are very burnt on the new skin. Ooops! Time to take it a bit easier :)



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