Saturday, May 26, 2007

Saturday, May 26, 2007 - Good News!

Hiya Bloggy,

Well, I have some good news to report!! As of yesterday (Friday), the Pacific Blue Cross dispute is now over! I had sent an email to my contact, Angie, at the Public Service Agency in Victoria. She was an angel when it came to the kajillion forms that had to be filled out for the Long Term Disability application when I was still in the hospital. So I asked her if there was someone I could talk to or who could find out why I couldn't get past the switchboard with Pacific Blue Cross and all that was happening was that I was getting more and more stressed and frustrated, meanwhile nothing was happening with the "review" of the rejection of the claim for my oral chemo meds.

Well, bless her heart! She got right on it in the morning and talked to Karen who is a manager with the Benefit Programs. She, in turn, got in touch with management with Pacific Blue Cross on my behalf. Within hours, my claim was reviewed and approved. To expediate matters, I have been given the name and address of the manager at Pacific Blue Cross and I'm to send my claim form and the receipt for the Capecitabine (oral chemo) directly to her and the reimbursement will be fast-tracked. Karen worked miracles.

It still annoys me that the individual can't get through the beaurocracy... heck, can't even get through to talk to someone and this seems to be totally natural for insurance companies. Meanwhile, I don't have the energy to fight with them on a daily basis. But get the big guns involved and all of a sudden the insurance company listens. I feel so sorry for the individual who pays their monthly premiums, then when something like this happens, it's only them against the insurance company because they don't have any big guns to act on their behalf :/

BUT... the good news is that I am no longer stressed over this and Friday night I slept like a rock (if rocks sleep, then I was a sleeping rock ). I'm still a little concerned that the treatment was delayed a week, but I don't think this is going to be a big deal in the long run because had I reacted to the Radiation, we would have had to delay the chemo. Whether there would have been any impact, I guess we'll never know.

And then... some more good news (it just doesn't stop!!). Friday night I met Dad, Pat, and sister, Erin at the River Rock Casino. I was feeling on top of the world with the news about the chemo now being approved for payment. So time to have a good time... and did I ever! I only took a few dollars to gamble at the slot machines... after all, I am on a reduced income and all. Well, I was on a lucky streak... the long and short of it, I came home with $750! Enough to subsidize next month's reduced income so it's almost the same as working full time when I add it to my Disability pension. :) So a good time was had by all... especially me!!

Hahahaha... of course, you know there had to be payback time... and that was today :) I woke up this morning and it's like being in a fog! Chemo fatigue hit today and it didn't surprise me one little bit. One can't have that much excitement, then get to bed late and not expect there to be some ramifications. So today was very unproductive... and the fatigue was such that poor Bridget didn't get to go on her longer walks today. Just going around the block was a huge ordeal!

It also seems that one of the symptoms of this chemo (it's either the chemo or the radiation, but I think it's the chemo) is it is really affecting both the heels of my feet. There is a hand/foot symptom where you can break out in blisters or a skin condition (dry, peeling, etc), but this is on the inside of the heels. Almost like what a torn tendon would feel like... and it is very painful. Hence, I'm not able to walk too far right now... heck, walking period is a challenge. The weird thing with this heel pain is it comes and goes. Hopefully it is just temporary and will be gone in the near future :) I still have lots of walking to do... and a little four-legged diva who insists that we go for our morning and afternoon walkies... how can I not give in to her demands??

Well, I'm watching "What's Eating Gilbert Grape?" with (sigh) Johnny Depp! Man, is that guy one good lookin' dude! And soooo talented!! Since I stayed home tonight, I really thought that I would be able to catch up on some email... but alas, that was not meant to be. It's now 11:30pm so I don't think I'll start on email tonight. Hahahaha... tomorrow's another day... maybe I'll get some done then :)

Ciao for now! Johnny Depp is requiring my attention now :D



Melinda said...

Great news on the claim being approved! I'm so happy for you, Cheryl. What a weight lifted. Say hi to Johnny for me and give him my love! lol

Chet said...

Greetings to you from the other end of Canada. I am in Montreal and feeling very happy for you, mainly that the insurance BS got straightened out but winning $750 is good to. ,)

Bonnie said...

Congrats on the winnings! Both at the casino and with the insurance company *grin* Sorry you had to go through the stress, though - but thankful it has all worked out now.

mary said...

Wooohoooo, this is wonderful news. I'm so happy to hear your meds have been approved. Way to go winning $750.

Hugs, Maryann W