Monday, May 21, 2007

Monday, May 21, 2007 - End of Long Weekend

Hiya Bloggy,

Well, hasn't this been a very wet, gray long weekend? This is just not right for the May long weekend. Why, it seems for years it's always the Queen Vicki long weekend that the sun comes out, it's hot and this is always the first weekend I usually get a sunburn. Certainly not this year!

Actually, I had a pretty quiet weekend. I had a lot to absorb after my encounter with the insurance company rejecting the claim for the oral chemo pills I was suppose to start last Thurs. That so took me by surprise and I don't think we are finished with it yet. I can't believe that.

But Dad has come to my rescue. To either wait for the insurance company to make up their minds (which could take weeks or months, knowing insurance companies), or the alternative of going on the portable pump for 35 days... either of these two options are not doable. Waiting for the insurance company would only mean delaying my treatment that much longer, to the point I'll be back on the IV Chemo treatments... so I will have missed out on this chemo that is to work with the radiation. What the long term results would be if I don't do the chemo is anyone's guess and I don't want to chance that. Going on the portable pump for 35 days would not work for me because I can barely get through the 3 days I have to be on it when I do the IV treatments. For those 3 days my mobility is limited, and it really plays havoc with my mood. My emotions run all over the place and that plays havoc with my attitude, which is what is getting me through this journey. So 35 days would pretty much do me in and I can see where I would have a serious case of depression... which is not what I need to be battling at this time.

So Dad has told me to go ahead and get the oral (pill) form of the chemo so I don't need to think about/worry/stress over the chemo pump. He will pay for it while we go through the hassle with the insurance company... and we'll just have to take it a day at a time. And if, in the end, they still reject it... then Dad says not to worry.. it's more important that I am stress-free while I continue on with this journey.

I might also add here... some of you wonderful friends have also jumped in and said if the insurance company doesn't come through, that you would be more than willing to help out with the costs. I am blown away by all of you!! I'm not going to name names (grin) because I don't want to embarrass anyone and I know you offered out of pure friendship.. I love you all!! You know who you are :)

Meanwhile, this weekend has been productive on a Suzy Domestic front. On Saturday, I made a spaghetti and salad dinner... Jo, Greg and Steve S. came over to entertain me and get my mind back on fun stuff. It worked like a charm! We had a real fun evening and I could feel the tension of the last 3 days start to fade.

Ok... so on to Sunday! I can't believe it... after all these years (and we are talking decades), I decided that I need some REAL curtains for the windows in the living room and my crafts/eating nook. So Mimi and I headed to Ikea Sat morning and I picked up some great cotton fabric. They called these panels "bedspreads" but that's kind of a stretch of the imagination. They are perfect for curtains!

Here we have the ones in the craft area/kitchen table. Hahahaha... now I did say I got the curtains done on Sunday and put up, but I didn't say I actually did any housework (grin)!!! So the table is just a tad messy... and I can say that here it is Monday night and it's still messy!! Hey, let's not rush a good thing!! (chuckle).

Yes, erm, let's talk about my little helper, Miss Bridget. I had mentioned that this was a wet weekend, which meant Bridget had to go out in the rain for her morning constitution. Bridget doesn't mind the showers, especially if it is mild out, but she does not like the heavy rain that gets her all wet to the skin. Sunday morning was the heavy rain and I made her go out anyways because it didn't look like it was going to stop any time soon. So when we got back, all she wanted to do was sleep on her towels... so I got absolutely no help from her, not even to sit at my feet like a good dog does (grin).

Today, it wasn't quite as rainy, but it was cloudy. So I decided to attack my kitchen pantry shelves. These are the ones that I stored various baking ingredients... and kept adding to them to the point I didn't know what was in there anymore! What a mess!! There were bags of protein powders, gluten, flaxseed, etc. that had expired 2 years or more ago!! So it all got chucked out and the remaining things that are still good are neatly packed. That was an all afternoon job!!

Hahahaha... and then there was the Chemo Brain moment. Later in the afternoon, the sun actually came out (of course... the long weekend is over (grin)). So Bridget and I went out for our afternoon walkies sans the rain. When we got home, Nathan and Mimi were coming in at the same time. So we walked in together and were yakking. We got to my apartment door which I opened for Bridget, but continued talking to Mimi and Nathan in the hallway. We said our goodbyes and they went on to their apartment (2 floors above) and I went into mine, shut the door, took my coat off, etc. I then went into the living room and, no Bridget. She wasn't on the couch or on her Squirrel Watch chair. Hmmm... where did she go? I called her. Nothing. I checked the bedroom and bathroom. No Bridget. Now I'm getting a little concerned.. how can you lose a dog in a one bedroom apartment?? This time I said, "Bridget.. I've got pepperonis!!" (one of her favourite treats)... nothing.

Hmmm.. could she have followed Mimi and Nathan upstairs??? Naaaaa.. one of them would have brought her right back down. But, I opened the apartment door and was going to go up there because I just couldn't figure out where she would be. Well, as soon as I opened the door, there sitting in the hallway in front of the door was my little Bridget. She would have heard me calling her and saying I had pepperonis but she knows she's not allowed to bark in the common hallways, so she just sat there, waiting for me to open the door (grin). That's the first time I've lost my dog in the hallway (grin)!

Well, it's getting late so I better sign off for the night. Tomorrow is another day. I go for my radiation treatment at 11:30am and have to get my bloodwork done, either before or after. And will see if I'm meeting with Dr. Gill while I'm there, or if she will say to go ahead, pick up the prescription and start it tomorrow ... or if she has another plan in place.

Never a dull moment!! But hey, I have new curtains AND a tidy pantry!!! (grin)

Ciao for now!!



mary said...

Damn, I'm sorry you're going through this with PBC. How dare they turn you down for meds you need. It's downright cruel making you go through 35 days of pump treatments, that could be eliminated with oral meds. GRRRRRRRR
Hug your knight in shining armor for me.

Hugs, Maryann

Bonnie said...

Those curtains look great! And I'm so sorry about the insurance hassles, but grateful that your Dad is helping out. I'm sure they will come through in the end, I wonder if this oral pill is considered experimental? Sometimes that is why they won't pay. It is bad, though, that you have other people determining your care. My friend went through something similar with her chemo, there was a shot she got with every chemo treatment to build her white blood cells (to the tune of $2500 or something each shot) ... and her insurance company refused to pay, after she'd had several shots! Eeek! But, they did end up paying, so I am positive the same will happen for you.

Anonymous said...

Okay Cheryl...I just want you to know that it wasn't "Chemo Brain" that made you leave the "Diva' in the hallway. I did it a few months back when it was still cold out. I was leaving to go do my morning swim/water aerobics class and I felt something bump my leg but when I turned around nothing was there so I continued on my way. I come home and my husband Sam says "did you forget something?" and I say "what?" Come to find out my little Rupert snuck out the door behind me, I take off and leave him outside in the cold. My stepson found him sitting behind the snow shovel. He had only been outside for about 15 minutes but I was HORRIFIED!!! What if he wandered off, what if he ran to the car, what if, what if, what if? So, don't think you're least she was in a hallway, warm and waiting. I love dogs!!!!

Gotta scoot back to work but I just wanted to touch base. Take care and Rock on, Sister!!!
'Yer Pal, Sheryl with an S (2 n's hahahaha)

Rich said...

Oh, I think it just shows how well behaved Bridget is ... but if something were to happen to her mommy that required barking in the hallway, it would happen!