Sunday, March 25, 2007

Saturday, March 24, 2007 -- Winner!!

Hiya Bloggy!

It's pretty late at night as I'm typing this. I reckon it's technically Sunday, but I'm still up so it's late Saturday night for me :)

I didn't get an entry done yesterday. I guess I just got so busy I wasn't on the computer that much yesterday. I am working on two small scrapbooking projects that I have to have done for early this week, so I'm on a timeline (grin)... and since this is the first scrapbook project I've taken on, I know I'm going to be super critical of it and wished I had more time to perfect it. Oh well. I shall have some pictures of it when it's done, so one day next week I'll put them up.

Meanwhile, yesterday morning I had the queasies but the rest of the day I felt great! What a difference 24 hours can make!! But then, this morning, I had the queasies again and had them off and on throughout the early afternoon. I was going to a birthday dinner in the late afternoon and didn't know until the last minute if I'd be able to go. The problem being, I could probably just bite the bullet and suffer through the queasies, but driving there and back... not sure it's a good idea to be driving when you are queasy...that can be very distracting. But, I did start feeling better about 3pm, so I got ready and off I went. The drive into Richmond went well... and we all had a nice dinner. Then (oh oh) it was off to the Casino!! I love casinos, but they truly are the work of the devil (grin). I can not seem to put money into those slot monsters fast enough... hungry beasts that they are!! I was not doing well, then I'd redeem myself somewhat, then I'd throw it all away again. But, on a positive note (grin), I was not queasy nor was I tired! LOL!!!

Well, as it was getting time to leave since I had gone through all my money in my wallet (NO Cheryl, back away from the ATM machine!! Do NOT go there!!), I decided to throw my last $40 into a Dollar machine. It took a couple of tries, then a couple of winning $10 here, $4 there... and finally, THREE TRIPLE 5-BARS!! Yippeeee!!! A smart $845!! I played a little more then decided to quit while I was ahead (it's bad enough being a fool with her money, but a stupid fool to boot???) So I cashed out at $800 and went home!! How is THAT for willpower, huh???

Anywho, it is 1am now and I'm feeling so darn good about the fact that the queasies appear to be gone. I am not "fatigued" or even "tired"... if anything (grin) I'm now an insomniac. Oh great!! A gambling, insomniac fool!! Something everyone should strive to be in their lifetime :)

Tomorrow, my nose has got to be back to the crafts. I still have to print off a bunch of pictures and then start scrapbooking them. Once the pages are all done, I'll either have to take pictures of them or see if I can do a decent job of scanning them :)

Mind you, if the sun comes out tomorrow... that could throw the scrapping plans askew. If the sun actually comes out, Bridget and I are definitely going to go walking!! It's been raining for 40 days and 40 nights... or something like that... or we are collecting animals for a boat, or... heck, something was going on and it had a lot to do with water and rain :)

Ciao for now!



Bonnie said...

YAYAYAYA! Congrats on the winnings - that is wonderful. Now you can buy even more scrapping supplies ;) heheheh. I'm sorry you're still having a few queasies, but glad they don't seem to last. We'll just have to get you some little airline barf bags to carry with you, like the Diva's poop bags *wink* I figure, if there's a will - there's a way! We want you out and about!!!!

Kathy said...

Hey! Smart lady! Walk away with most of your winnings! I'm sorry about the queasies! Just look at them as a necessary evil to get rid of any stray cells that may be wandering through .


Bonnie said...

Hey girlfriend ... we need updates! I'm hoping there aren't any because you're feeling so great and are out doing things ;)