Monday, March 26, 2007

Monday, March 26, 2007 - Visit to work

Dear Bloggy,

I'm a day late, I think! I didn't get to put an entry in the blog yesterday, but then there wasn't much to report. I spent the day trying to finish a scrapbook project I had started and I actually managed to get it finished!! Yayayaya! But more time was spent at the kitchen table with my scrapbook supplies than was spent on the computer... hence, no Sunday entry :)

Today was one of those picture perfect Vancouver spring days!! After weeks, it seems, of monsoon rains and wind, we had gorgeous sun... and it was warm! Ha! I got spring fever.. there was no keeping me inside today. So first things first... Bridget and I went for a 1 mile walkie before breakfast. Then we had breakfast. I left soon after and started wandering, heading towards the downtown area. I had my trusty camera with me and I was feeling great! I will share some of the pictures I took at the bottom of this blog entry.

I ended up at Staples downtown at Burrard, across from the SkyStation. What the heck... I splurged and bought a set of ink cartridges for my printer. I've been working on scanning old photos to use in a scrapping project and have enhanced them to bring out a better quality.. then printing them. I could just see, in the middle of a project, running out of ink ;) Since one doesn't know which colour ink one would run out of first, I bought the set of 4 (3 colours and one black). I also picked up some neat acid free stickers and whatnot for my scrapping supplies :)

I was now only about 3 blocks from work, so I decided to walk over and pay them a visit. It was good to see everyone again... although there were some who weren't in today!! Dave??? Where the heck were you and why weren't you there when I decided to grace you with my presence???? :) Luckily, Charmaine, Mala, Shirley, Dan, Ken, Kerry, Janice, Rob and Donna were there! So we had a good visit and lots of laughs :)

I then took the bus back up Burrard St. to Davie... then walked home from Davie and Burrard, stopping in at Cobbs Bakery and London Drugs on the way home. Once I got home, I turned around and went out again... this time with the little four-legged diva. We ran into a fair amount of people out walking their dogs, so joined up with Lynn and Tkoh (gorgeous Golden Retriever) and went for another block with them.

By the time I got home again, I was TIRED. I don't think it has anything to do with the chemo, I was just tired from all the walking and fresh air today :)

Tonight, I did some more scanning of pictures while watching "Dancing With the Stars", as well, called back a bunch of voicemail messages that were starting to stack up.

The following pictures are a taste of Vancouver on a pretty spring day. I have to admit... I'm very partial to Vancouver in the Spring, WHEN it's not raining ;) But alas, my eyes are drooping and I can't concentrate on the local news, so I'm going to head off to bed, where my little four-legged diva is already hunkered down for the night. Next time I make a blog entry, I think I better be more awake! (grin)

Ciao for now!



Bonnie said...

Gorgeous pictures! Love all those blooming trees! Glad you're doing so well, that makes me happy. And it's all about making me happy, heheheh.

Diane said...

You sound like you've weathered the weather AND the week quite nicely! Aren't the spring colors and flowers gorgeous?

(and tell Bonnie up above me it's NOT about Bonnie...we all know around THIS blog, it's ALL ABOUT CHERYL! LOL!) ;)