Thursday, February 8, 2007

Thursday, February 8, 2007 - Pre-Consultation Meeting

Dear Journal without a name, yet:

Hahaha... thanks for the suggestions, gang! I'm still pondering a name. It's got to be something that just strikes me as "Aha! There's a perfect name!" The ones that have been suggested are great... but haven't quite struck the right chord yet. So the Journal will go nameless until that right name shows up and becomes an AHA! moment! :)

Well, for anyone reading this, wish me luck! Today is the consultation appointment with the Oncologist(s) and staff at the BC Cancer Agency/Hospital. I am going in with a blank slate... I really have no idea what all will be discussed, but am assuming there will be information on my case up to this point, the plan for treatment (IE: Chemo, what kind, how long, etc), blood tests and other medical vitals/stats and who knows what else.

It is just after 9:30am as I'm typing this, so I am going to take Bridget out for her morning walkies and constitution... and some fresh air for both of us. I'll them do something with this hair, throw on some makeup (where it falls, well, we'll call that being made up) and then I'll be heading over to Steve's place. We'll have a cuppa tea or something at his place and I'll get to see his artwork... then the two of us will head over to the Cancer Agency/Hospital. Jo, who is at work, will meet us there, so the three of us will be consulting with the Doctors/Staff.

Wish me luck! Keep sending those positive thoughts, prayers and healing lights. I may not be home until this evening, but at some point this evening I'll update the blog with what I've learned today.

Ciao for now!


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