Friday, February 16, 2007

Friday, February 16, 2007 - I'm in Love!!

Yes... Cupid hit two days late! I'm going to have to now dump Anderson Cooper as my love interest and am back to being in love with Hugh Grant!! ::: Swoon :::

Greg and I were going to go see The Painted Veil, in our quest to see as many of the Oscar nominated shows that we could see. According to the online listings, there was suppose to be a 4pm show at the Fifth Avenue cinema, but when we got there, they said on Fridays it's not until 6:50pm. It was only 3:30pm... so we gave that one a pass and headed downtown to the Paramount theatres on Burrard... to catch the 4pm show of "Music and Lyrics" with Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore. Hahahaha... it was most enjoyable!! No, it's too late for this year's Oscars and even if it wasn't, highly unlikely it would be nominated for any awards, unless there's a category for Gorgeous, Wonderful, British Actor (grin). It is a typical romantic comedy but how can you go wrong with the two leads being Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore?? I highly recommend anyone who wants to just be entertained, to go see this one.

After the movie, Greg and I went for dinner at The Keg on Thurlow St. We found parking about a block or so away, so after dinner we were walking down Robson St... and stopped in a couple of stores. We were looking for head scarves and hats/caps. Robson is the place to shop for something kind of funky and I figured that it would be a good idea to pick up a hat or two, and a scarf or two, just in case I'm going to need them in the near future. No one can tell me if I am going to lose my hair or not once we start the Chemo and I don't want to be taken by surprise and not be prepared. So we checked out an accessories shop (coincidently, it was called Accessories) and came up with 3 cute cap/hats and a great black/white scarf that can be tied properly to be worn by itself or under one of the hats. Heck, even if I don't lose any hair, the hats are really cute!! :)

I went to see my GP (Dr. Fay) today. I have had to stop taking Ibuprofen because (surprise, surprise) it's considered a blood thinner... I'm not allowed to take any aspirin, Ibuprofen or any blood thinner medications because they will react with the chemo. So I figured I better stop now. Mind you, the Ibuprofen really helps with the joints and muscles. I tried some Tylenol 3s with codiene and although they don't work the same way as the Ibuprofen, they did help a lot. So, Dr. Fay gave me another prescription of the T3s.

There's still a mixup with the booking of a home care nurse... so I'm back to just having a dry dressing over the healing incision. I'm sure it will get straightened out soon. Now Dr. Fay is involved and wanting to know when I'll be attended to by a home care nurse... all because the nurse at Dr. Brown's office didn't book the home care nurse because she didn't think I needed one, but could go to a walk-in clinic instead. Ooops... not a good idea, since they don't do wound dressings .

Ok... it's now the bewitching hour!! Time for me to get some beauty sleep. Tomorrow, I must go to the dentist and get my cleaning and whatever maintenance done since I am not allowed to have dental work while on the chemo drugs. So off I go to get the maintenance work done now, before we start :)




Anonymous said...

Yes I can see you as a Hugh Grant fan for sure. In keeping with your desire to make this journey of yours a positive one, we will look forward to all your upbeat reports. But if you're ever having a bad day, feel free to vent and rant, too. Friends are there for the ups and the downs. - Steve S

Diane said...

Cheryl, you really need a new picture up - you look entirely too much like a patient in that one!

Diane said...

MUCH better...that beauty sleep must've helped...look at the picture you woke up with! ;)

Kathy said...

Love the hat!

I'm for upbeat and positive for sure, but sometimes you need to vent - so feel free! We're friends and friends are there for the ups and the downs. Hugs,