Tuesday, January 9, 2007

An update from Melinda

I just talked to the lovely Cheryl. She sounded a bit quiet tonight and put it down to being a little uncomfortable with some pain. All-in-all, recovery is going very well. I (Melinda) will be away for a few days, so there won't be any updates until at least Friday.

Cheryl says:

The last drain is probably going to come out tomorrow. So the plan is that I may be going home in the very near future, sooner than I thought. the doctors will know more in the next day or so. I'm now off all IVs. They've started me on soft foods, which is creating havoc with my stomach, and I'm pretty sure they'll put me on solid food before I go home. We're still trying to adjust pain medications and haven't quite mastered the right dosage yet, but hopefully this will all be solved before they let me go home.

  • Dianne Foussey... for the gorgeous bouquet of flowers and pink teddy bear.
  • Brisi... for the adorable diva dog and pink sweater and accessories for Bridget.
  • Dr Steve... for the beautiful orchid plant.
Now starts the planning of how to get home everything that is decorating my room!


chickinpjs said...

Hello Aunty Cheryl!
Everything you are going through is just a step in adjusting to new things for you body to get used to. Remember to visualize through that as well-it will help to smooth out the mental and physical adjustments! It did for me- it does not make them go away- just smoothes out the bumps which is a big plus on that road to healing :) The medication switch can throw your bod' off a bit too. Did for me when I went from catheter to pill form of morphine.
I love ay and you rock! I am thinking of you everyday and I wake up at night too thinking about you and those nights I would wake up in my hospital beds and forget where I was for a second. Hate that! By the sounds of it you will be in your own bed soon baby! Take your time to go into yourself and meditate - mend all those places -smooth out the bumps and breath through the stress. And always remember how many of us love you and are here!
Julie, Gary and the flock. xoxoxox

Charmaine said...

Hi everyone,
I spoke with Cheryl this morning (Jan. 11) and she informs me that she is being "released" tomorrow (Friday, Jan. 12) at 11:00 a.m. which is check-out time. Cheryl is very excited and anxious to see her Bridget and sleep in her own bed. Bridget will be home sometime on the weekend. Cheryl didn't want anyone to have to drive out to Ladner to get Bridget until the roads were in better shape. Currently, the road conditions are not ideal due to the snow that we got yesterday. I am adding this comment with the hopes that people will read about the good news until Melinda has an opportunity to update the blog.

Yay! Cheryl's going home!! I'm sure the nursing staff is really going to miss her.

Roy said...

Hi Cheryl,

I'm so glad you are feeling much better, and will be coming home sooner than expected....this is wonderful news.

Hugs, Maryann