Sunday, January 7, 2007

An update from Dad

Spoke to Cheryl this morning and everything continues to improve. Yesterday she was able to get out of bed and visit the rooms on each side of her own. Today she visited all of the rooms of the entire ward. The intravenous feed of morphine has been cut from the 57 milligrams of Friday to something in the 20s on Saturday and a further reduction to 17 today. Because of the positive manner that her body is reacting to the morphine, they will no longer be pumping it in to her on Monday and will instead be feeding her any needed painkillers orally from here in. She has had a wonderful day of visitors and phone calls today and claims that it has been a wonderful birthday party all day long. Once again, she and her family wish to thank all of you caring people for your kindness and wonderful thoughts during this blip that has marred her otherwise cheerful lifestyle; a manner of living that will soon resume once again so you can all look forward to her resuming her quips and good humour.

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