Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Dad Bill update on Cheryl

Approximately 10am Wednesday 11 July:

This is Bill, Cheryl's dad who Cheryl has requested that I once again become acquainted with you [Melinda] and keep you up to date and what is taking place with regard to her health.

The news, I am very sorry to report, is not the best. Cheryl had a very uneasy time last night and was forced to contact her friend Steve Oben twice during the period as she was having severe breathing problems and felt that she should be going to the hospital. Finally at two am they placed a call to 911 and she was taken to St. Paul's emergency where she still remains. The hospital, of course, is equipped with far better equipment to assist her with her breathing and she is presently equipped with a type of oxygen mask which has eased her breathing while, at the same time, allows her to drink fluids with a minimum of trouble. As I report all of this to you it is still in the very early stages of her admittance and there are few details of what will be taking place in the next day or so. According to Steve, she will definitely be in hospital for a few days until they determine what is causing this flare-up as the emergency department seemed to be unable to obtain much in the way of her medical records and these may not be available until later this morning.

Arrangements are being made to have her accommodated in palliative care if this becomes necessary but everything is on hold at present until they can find if the distress which Cheryl has encountered is a direct cause of the cancer or if she has contracted an infection of some kind. Steve has asked me to let you know just what is going on so you can update both Cheryl's blog and facebook and it will be very appreciated if you can do this for us. Thank goodness for the myriad of friends that Cheryl has amassed who are so willing to give of their time and energy. I cannot find the words to express my and my family's gratitude for all of the help offered and given during this very sad time, especially for her friends like yourself and Steve who I am dealing with at first hand.

Sincerely - Bill

Note from Melinda: Please do leave comments and I'll approve ASAP. Cher loves to hear from you!


Anonymous said...

I love you, Sweets! Breath in and out and repeat!! Alex sends his love too. He asks about you several times a day. Hope you are comfortable. Love, Susan and Alex S. (Issaquah)

Barbara / BEE said...

My love and good thoughts are sent to you each day.

Winter said...

Sending you love Cheryl.
Winter Marie

HunBun said...

Love and prayers and a big hug coming your way...
Ginger (MN)

MarkHiatt said...

I was telling Kathie just last night about how you and I would stay up all night on GEnie, watching "Style with Elsa Klench" and ragging on the models and their clothes and everything. Those were some good times, and I like to think we did a lot of good back then, kid. You helped tons of people get their start online, get over their fear of computers and really get a lot out of being online. You put together a terrific crew who still loves you to this very day and always will. And thanks for the Cuban cigars, too! We're sending you our love. And we hope to see you again, one day. --Mark in Lincoln, Nebraska