Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sunday, August 14, 2008 -- SNOW!!

Hiya Bloggy!

Yes, you heard me... SNOW!! The West End FINALLY got the snow that the rest of the city and Lower Mainland have been getting. It started last night and snowed all through the night. It stopped this morning and from what I gather, most of the roads are totally clear, although the 3-4 inches we got still remain on the grass. Tonight it's going down to -5C, but it's clear outside so highly doubtful we are going to get anymore snow for the next couple of days.

Taken outside my window once it got light out this morning!

The blackberry bushes under my window... with their Christmas lights :)

Now, the problem with the snow is my lack of confidence when walking... not to mention, my total lack of footwear!! Oy vey!! Because of the nerve damage in the feet from the chemo (my feet never did recover from that), just putting shoes on is extremely uncomfortable!! It doesn't even matter what kind. It used to be, I found sneakers to be the most comfortable footwear... not anymore. So when this latest bout of snow does leave, I guess I am going to have to go and see if I can find some kind of sneaker/walking shoe that my feet will actually allow on them.

I took Bridget out at 6am this morning (we had gone to bed very early last night so totally missed the snow starting!!) and it was sooo peaceful and quiet. Beautiful!!! But it didn't matter if I walked on the road, the sidewalk or the grass... I just had the fear of falling. So, we didn't stay out... even in the park, I didn't feel steady... and my feet were really rebelling just being IN the shoes. So we came home and later in the morning Toby came and got Bridget. Hahaha... both in the morning and the afternoon walks, she brought Bridget home and we had to do the Doggy-Dip! Dip the Doggy's feet into a sink of warm water go melt the snowballs :)

Anywho... the latest and greatest is I DO have a date for the Lung RFA procedure. It is going to be on December 30th. Bridget and I will be going over to my friend, Nancie's on Dec 29th since she lives in New Westminster, where the Royal Columbian Hospital is, and she has kindly offered for Bridget and I to stay at her place the night before, since I have to be at the hospital at 8:00am on the 30th. Bridget will stay at her place while I'm at the hospital on the 30th and there's a possibility I may be staying overnight at the hospital. If they release me the evening of the 30th, then I will spend the night at Nancie's since they won't let me drive home after having the "Conscious Sedation" for the procedure.

Mind you, I'll be able to drive home the 31st and I'll be able to resume my normal activities. That is what is so remarkable about this procedure. If I had to do the lung surgery, it is a major surgery that would take a good 4-6 weeks of painful recovery... the RFA, there is no pain involved and no recovery per se.

Anywho... 'tis the Season for Letters to Santa so I must get back to the Santa mail and distributing the incoming kiddies' letters to the wonderful team of 24 volunteer elves we have this year. I am also trying to get my gifts wrapped. I have cut waaaaaay back this year (out of necessity), but I still need to wrap the ones that I have :)

Hope all of you are surviving the lead up to the holiday season!!




Anonymous said...

EEEHHHHHAAAAA! Very happy to hear this. Will be sending all sorts of good, good, good, good vibrations your way on the 30th.

Re: footwear. Bummer. Too bad they don't make snow flip flops. You'd be doing fine then. Check online for owie foot footwear.

Love, Susan S.

Rich said...

I still wonder how you keep Miss Bridget calm, knowing her love for the snow ....

Cheryl said...

Hehe... there's no keeping Miss Bridget calm when I took her out in the snow!! She LOVES it and loves me to throw snow at her so she can act all tough. That's when she turns into a Pit-Schnauzer and attacks the snowballs :D

Truly Low Carb Karen said...

- Hhahahahahha - snow in AUGUST would be SPECIAL, Cher! Do you really need 4 extra months to get caught up? You are more in the weeds than me, LOL LOL.
Great pics!
We have tons of snow in Colorado today too, and my Rogue feels the same way about it as your Diva.... too much fun!

Anonymous said...

I believe you know how I feel about snow, it's a four letter word. lol I will admit, the pics are beautiful, plus there's nothing more magical that fresh fallen snow.

Good news on the Dec 30 appt, yahooo.

If you get a chance, or if someone nearby can do it for you, check out the local department store for fur lined crocs or croc look-alikes. They are easy to slip on and off.

Prayers and positive thoughts will be flying your way on Dec 30.

Hugs, Maryann