Sunday, October 5, 2008

Sunday, Oct 5, 2008 -- The Sun Is Out!

Hiya Bloggy!

Yes, after what seems like weeks of rain (ok, so maybe it's only been about 5 days or so), it is a lovely sunny Sunday! Hehe... if it wasn't that the outside of my windows are so dirty, it would actually be lovely to look out on this gorgeous day. At least, it is so mild, I can have the windows open and fresh air coming into the apartment :)

I'm going to be meeting my friend, Nancie, this afternoon and we are off to see a movie, perhaps dinner, then again, maybe we'll drop in to the Arts Club's Backstage Lounge where they are celebrating their 50th Anniversary (not 50 years on Granville Island, but 50 years with the Arts Club).

Anywho... I thought I would drop in here and take a poll . You see, I belong to an Amateur Photography Group on Facebook. Every week there is a different theme and we all submit one photo that matches that theme... and then everyone who submitted a photo gets to vote and pick all the photos that they really like (excluding their own). It's all just for fun and enjoyment... and certainly is fun to see what photos others submit.

This week's theme is "Black and White". My problem... I have narrowed down to 8 photos that I wouldn't mind submitting but I have to pick only one of them. So, I figured I would put them up here and you all can tell me which one you like the best. Just add your choice by adding a comment at the end of this entry :)

Beacon Hill Park, Victoria BC

Stone Bridge, Beacon Hill Park, Victoria, BC

Bridget down at English Bay, Vancouver, BC

Duck in a pond at Queen Elizabeth Park, Vancouver, BC

House #1 out by Lighthouse Park, West Vancouver, BC

House #2 out by Lighthouse Park, West Vancouver, BC

A lighthouse on one of the Gulf Islands between Vancouver and Vancouver Island.

The West End in Vancouver, taken from the park next door to my apartment building.

So there you have it. I'm not sure which one I'm going to enter for this week's submission... let me know what you think :)

Ciao for now!



Karen said...

They are all good, but I vote for the duck! Or... that incredible streetscape with the tree in it that isn't among these choices, but which I have seen in the Gallery on my forum. That's one of my favorite pictures of ALL TIME. I would love to print and frame that one.

You must've sent your rain to me, and now they're predicting it to turn to snow. I am not ready for THAT yet. Shame on you! ;)

Kathy said...

I like Bridget's picture


Kathy said...

I like Bridget's picture


Anonymous said...

Vote #1 for Bridget! Or the bridge, lol.

Mel xox

HunBun said...

I love #7...the lighthouse picture!

Charmaine said...

They're all beautiful pictures and Briget is a cutie, but my first choice would be the duck on the pond. The feathers on the duck are so pronounced and the movement on the water is incredible. My second choice is the stone bridge.

Rich said...

I like the first one ... we all know Bridget is cute (and if we don't, she'll tell us), but I like the fountain in front.

Anonymous said...

My vote goes out for your little diva, a close second is Stone Bridge.

Penni said...

Duck! Duck! Duck! The water effects are also spectacular. Although, Bridget is hard to resist...