Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Tuesday, June 17, 2008 - This and That

Dearest Bloggy,

So how the heck is everyone out there in cyberland? Don't be shy... you can answer that question by posting a comment below... hehehe...isn't that what blogs and comments are for?? (grin)

Ok... nothing really new to report from Vancouver-land, but I know if I'm quiet on the blog for any length of time, I start getting emails where people wonder what's going on and why haven't I posted on the blog. Now, that is my own fault, because my intentions are always there and I keep telling people that I'm going to clean up my act and make a point of posting more regularly on this here blog... and then next thing you know, a week or more has gone by and not a peep out of me :)

Soooo... although I have nothing of any real importance to report, suffice it to say, I'll just do a little babbling in no particular order.

How am I feeling these days? I'm feeling just great!! Both physically and emotionally... I'm one happy camper. Ok, I must admit, it would be rather nice if I were to win a big ol' pot of cash... or perhaps if my stocks were to hit the big time. I mean, I'm not complaining (ok, not much) and I really do appreciate having the blessing of the work benefit of being eligible for Long Term Disability insurance (I have no idea how people who do not have that benefit through their place of employment actually make it through a long illness/treatment such as cancer)... but, uh... well, let's say for the last year since I've been on LTD I've been receiving 30% less income than when I was working, but living as if I were receiving 100%. Needless to say, it was bound to catch up with me... and (grin) I think it has!! So, I now have to go on a poverty kick! :)

Now, let's see... yes, thank goodness a surgery date is scheduled for the removal of the right adrenal gland/tumour. For those just reading this entry and not the past couple... we were waiting for that first surgery to be scheduled. It was nerve-wracking for me, mainly because I had been through such fear/terror while we were waiting to see if it was safe enough for me to have the needle biopsy one, and then the wait for the results once it was determined it was safe. I don't do well with waiting ... and I certainly do NOT do well with fear and terror!! During that biopsy wait, I can't even begin to explain what the living with fear was like... suffice it to say, it was horrible. On the one hand, it seems just too surreal to hear the words "If the colon cancer has spread, then it is considered advanced colon cancer and the prognosis is not good." The treatment for advanced colon cancer is "palliative treatment" meaning, there is no cure and the treatment would, more than likely, be chemo to slow down the progression. But the words "incurable" and "terminal" go hand-in-hand and to this day I can not grasp my head around that discussion.

But, we now have a plan and although the biopsy results did prove to be positive for cancer in the right adrenal gland, the treatment is going to be surgery to remove the gland and the tumour... followed by a second surgery to remove the lesion/tumour/nodule in the lung. So yes, it has been a month of waiting (there's that word again.. WAITING) to hear about a date for the first surgery. I was on pins and needles waiting to get the surgery date. Now, in hindsight, I should have just calmed down and not stressed over it. If it was of utmost importance that the surgery be done asap and for every day it was put off, it was a day made more dangerous, then guess what? It would have literally been scheduled within a day or two of the plan being drawn up that surgery was the answer. But the fact I have had to wait a month for a surgery date, it is because I am not about to keel over any day... but having gone through that surreal terror/fear, thinking logically is beyond me and I think, understandable.

Anywho... the good news is that the surgery IS scheduled for June 30th. Hehehe... now, I hope I'm not being too unrealistic, but the plan is to do the surgery laparascopically, which is less invasive than the traditional surgery. I will only be in the hospital for 2 days, then home for a quick recovery. I'm not exactly sure how quick "quick" is but I'm hoping to have a nice restful couple of days and then, just as I'm about to get cabin fever, I'll be up and about and back to my regular routine.... with one surgery behind me :)

Meanwhile... I'm spending a bunch of my free time while waiting for the surgery, down at the TUTS office in Stanley Park. Can you believe it's almost that time of the year again where we open both summer shows?? Hahaha...for those of us who live in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland, we are still waiting for spring to arrive, let alone summer!! Are we ever going to see summer??? I can't imagine running to summer shows outside at night in the kind of weather we've been getting... it gets downright cold at night!! And let's not talk about all the rain we've been getting. Ok, so typically, June can be a very wet month, so we shouldn't be surprised, but wet AND cold?? Oh well, this too shall pass (she says hopefully) :)

Bridget is doing fine and is back to her perky, demanding little self :) Ok, ok, "demanding" may be a little harsh... overall, she is a fabulous little girl-dog. But I love it when she shows attitude because I know that she is perfectly healthy and feeling great when her attitude shows. I have to admit, I was one scared schnauzer-mommy when she was so sick awhile back, with the colitis. But Dr. Joan got her all fixed up and she's been fine ever since. She is back on her regular diet, demanding her carrots and cauliflower treats and letting me know in no uncertain terms that mornings are for sleeping in, thank you very much ;) She is SUCH a low maintenance dog that I have all morning before she has to go outside.. although, most days I will wake her up by 10:30am and let her know that she is going to go outside for her walkies, whether she's awake or not :) There is plenty of time in the mornings for me to get up, let the meds kick in for the joints, have a shower, get dressed, etc. before I have to go outside with her... pretty easy, alright :) And, according to Dr. Joan, Bridget was so well-behaved when she had a sleepover at her place. No signs of stress and listened and, well, was just a well-behaved little schnauzer. So, I'd say that Miss Bridget is a well-adjusted little girl-dog who is just going with the flow and when her mommy takes her out, this is a good thing, but if someone else takes her, she's fine with that as well :) It's definitely paid off having the various neighbours and friends taking her on walks or out at the park, etc. because she is comfortable, no matter what our plans are, or how they may have to change.

Ok... so that's about it for the babbling for today. At some point, I may actually use the blog for recording thoughts, ideas, etc. but for the time being, it is still going to be used for what the plans are on this ongoing journey through the land of medicine... and then the ongoing babble through the land of Cheryl :)

Ciao for now!!



Keith said...

Happy 1st day of summer from the island. What an absolutely beautiful photo of you beside the latest entries. I'm happy that Bridget has recovered from her unhappy dietary bout, and that you have a solid plan of treatment to carry forward. Just what us engineer types like, a plan! Briget would go absolutely nuts at our new place, there are squirrels, a black bear, several resident deer, and a hoot owl near our new home. Hope to see you soon, maybe at the park?

Love from Brentwood,
Keith & semone

Karen said...

Hi Cheryl,
I am glad to hear you sounding so perky, Bridget must be rubbing off ;) or is it vice-versa? ;)

I won't be online on the 30th, since Mitch's birthday is the 27th and we will all be out of town together, but know I'll be saying prayers for a successful outcome to the surgery, and checking in here for concrete news of its success.

Keep up the good attitude, it's the one thing you can control throughout all of this madness, and you are doing a great job of that!! No surprise there, of course. We are all inspired by you, and confident that you are going to be right as rain, very very soon.

Hugs from Colorado,