Monday, April 28, 2008

Monday, April 28th, 2008 -- The Biopsy Results

Dear Bloggy,

Well, what a month it has been!! I am worn out, emotionally... and I think physically. There's nothing like 4 weeks of fear to drain a girl of energy.

But, let me get to the point. Mimi, Jo and I went to my appt. with Dr. Sharlene Gill (oncologist). When she came in, she sat down close to me and made some small talk about how she knew this waiting had been hard on me and how was I doing? She then explained the procedure and how the radiologist had used the fine needle to take different samples of cells from the tumour, but had to be careful that he did not open it up in any way so cells could escape, should they be malignant.

The cells that he took did test positive for cancer. My heart and stomach dropped and I really did think I was going to faint. But, Sharlene held my hands and said, "Cheryl, I have a plan that I'd like to go over with you, so don't panic."

She has spent time this week conferring with other specialists, surgeons, colleagues, etc. and they have gone over the PET scan, all the CAT scan images, the biopsy results, etc. and all agree that since the cancer is localized in the adrenal growth, the recommendation is to surgically remove the gland and the growth. Sharlene is referring me to Dr. Menghetti at VGH on an emergency basis (his secretary called me when I got home and I have an appointment to see him this Thursday) and he will do the surgery. He is going to see if he can do it laparoscopically , which would be less invasive and the recovery time would be much faster.

Then, once I have healed from this surgery, Dr. John Yee (remember, he was the Thoracic surgeon I met and really liked and would do the surgery on the lung), said if the adrenal growth was taken care of, then yes, he would go ahead with the lung surgery.

Sooooo, it means two surgeries but I am so excited!!! We now have a plan!! And the fact that this adrenal growth is malignant, it does not mean it's a death sentence... so I am jumping up and down for joy right now.

I am going out for dinner with my friend, Doug, to celebrate... not to mention, I haven't been able to eat much for the last few weeks and now I'm starving :D

So thank you, thank you, thank you all for your positive thoughts and support. Ok, so it turns out it wasn't benign, but all that positive energy gave me the option of a plan, which was not an option at the last appointment.

We will definitely be having a Celebration party... but I'll have to wait to see what's happening with the surgery dates. We may have to have the Celebration party after the surgeries... but celebrate we will!!!

Ciao for now!!



Anonymous said...


Loads of love to you and cheers to you and you're fantastic attitude.

You're an inspiration. Look forward to celebrating with you.


Anonymous said...

YES!!!!! All of our prayers and positive thoughts are working. I am so happy for you. The plan sounds like a good one. Yahooooooooo

Hugs, Maryann

Melinda said...

A plan! A plan! A plan! Well that is certainly much easier to live with. Have fun tonight :)

MAX Redline said...

Not what I'd hoped to see. However, as it seems to be localized within the adrenal, it's great that your doctor already had spent some time coming up with a plan. She gets plus points!

Question: Would it not be easier simply to install a zipper on you? It'd have to be easier than multiple surgeries! (g)

Another: if your adrenal is removed, how will you ever keep up with Bridget? Is there an adrenaline replacement therapy available? I don't understand how that works.

For now, fill up. You need the fuel. Have a wonderful evening!

Chet White said...

A plan is much better than NOT knowing. Your great spirit will prevail. You GO GIRL!

Anonymous said...

WOW! Big kudos to your Doc. That she spent so much time and effort to get the "plan" going before you even got the results, I'm impressed. You are in great hands.

If attitude helps recovery, you got it coming and going. I know how hard the wait has been. Now full speed ahead. Love and Hugs, Susan from Issaquah

KimKaye said...

Hey Cheryl! Lots of hugs and love to you Girlfriend!! Im so glad you have a plan.. and it sure sounds like you have one bunch of proactive doctors looking after you. Im asking for lots and lots of angels and blessings to be sent your way Girl.. And more than that.. so much healing energy that once these surgeries are done.. You'll get only GREAT news after that! Love ya Girl..Know that you're often in my thoughts & always in my prayers!

Karen Rysavy said...

Oh, DARN .... practicing my understatement ;) .... I WAS so hoping that this part of your journey could be already ticked off as 'in the past'. Looks like you get to have more medical fun first, though. You must have a mission in that building somewhere. I also like the proactive approach, it really sounds like you are in good hands medically, and you know you have a whole lot of support around the globe. Think about that zipper.. HA
Much love coming your way from the Rockies,