Monday, April 14, 2008

Monday, April 14, 2008 - Tapping and weekend pictures

Hi Bloggy,

The weekend has come and gone and a fine weekend it was. It was a bit of an emotional roller coaster and probably will be until I can figure out what exactly is going on and how I fit into this big picture.

Well, I was going to type up a nice long babbling blog entry to explain a little more about how I'm feeling on a personal level vs all the various "medical jargon" that gets thrown around. From a medical point of view... there is no new news. The last appt. I had
was on Thurs and that was the same day Jo and I went to the appt. and had that awful experience with David the Intern. We know the interns need to practice their communication skills with real patients and I have had no problem with this before, knowing not to take anything they say at face value... I just nod and smile and comment, "Dr. Gill will be coming in soon, won't she?" which of course, she always does. This was the first time we asked the intern to leave. He had upset me so much with his terminology or lack of it, total lack of compassion, using words that would scare the strongest of souls (you do not go around referring to anything as malignant unless you know for sure 1) it is malignant and 2) you know the patient knows it is). Anywho... thanks to David, that did bring on an anxiety attack and even though I now have medication to keep the edge off, I am not about to feel ok or safe until I know for sure what is happening with the adrenal growth and that it IS benign.

Hehehe... I wish I had the last blog entry side by side to this one I'm typing up so that I don't end up duplicating and saying the same things. That is one thing I have learned about myself throughout all of this... I seem to repeat the same information over and over again. Now, in my defense, part of that comes from friends/family emailing me and asking how I'm doing and/or is there any new news... rather than coming here and checking the blog first. I don't mean to sound cranky, but I remember when I was keeping a blog for our dear friend Kimberley, I had the energy to keep the blog up to date as well as answer questions that came in from her friends... it makes a huge difference when it's not yourself you are talking about. This has been a real eye-opener for me!! Me?? Who loves to talk?? But as much as I find doing the blog therapeutic, it amazes me how tiring it is when talking about stuff that is real... is happening to ME. And then, more recently... when thinking of the possibilities of what could be taking place, then just thinking about them can cause anxiety attacks. So bear with me gang... I DO love getting all the emails of support and just chit-chatty emails from friends, but if you ask if there's any new news or tell me that you haven't had time to check the blog so could I catch you up with the latest, please don't take it personally if I say, "Hey, it's all there and won't be going away, so when you get the time, do check out the blog." I just can't write it out all over again in an email :(

So, tonight I was going to babble about the fun weekend I had... which turned out to be a great distraction. On Friday night, my friends, Shel and Jill had a Magnolia Party BBQ and, as weather would have it, we lucked out! The skies cleared up around 4pm and by 6pm we had sunny, clear skies. Still, a tad bit nippy out, but perfectly fine for cooking outside and then eating inside. It was great to see some friends who will all be working down at Theatre Under The Stars again this year, plus there were new (new to me) folk there who were people that worked with Shel at Infinity Films. A great mix of people and we all had a fun evening. Here are a couple of pics from Friday night:

James Pollard (General Manager of TUTS) and Inga Pedersen (Stage Manager of "Annie Get Your Gun")

Jill (behind the tulips), Naveen and Inga.

Now isn't this adorable?? These children were not only adorable, but were amazing at keeping themselves amused... and then, just before Mom and Dad said it was time to get ready to go home, they got changed into their jammies for the ride home :)

On Saturday, Jo and I went to the opening night of Royal City Musical Theatre's production of West Side Story. They did a fabulous job, as RCMT always does! Ok, what cracked me up, was afterwards, at the Opening Night reception, you know how people all crowd around the tables of food? Well here, they actually had tables built around girls, who wandered throughout the after-show crowd so there was food mingling all night long ... here's a picture of what I mean:

Ok... Sunday it was off to Maple Ridge, which is about an hour's drive from Vancouver. It was Steve's birthday on Friday so his parents were having the Sunday birthday dinner and we all had a wonderful time!! Jo and I went out together because it is a little bit too long of a drive for me right now... but the weather held out, so it was great! A good time was had by all and it was actually the first day that I was calm enough that I wasn't feeling the roller coaster. As a matter of fact, Steve's sister, Sandra is trained in "tapping" which is freeing up emotions by using accupressure points but without the needles (check out which is an excellent site with lots of information). Anywho... I'm just going to put up a few pictures here and then it's time for me to go to bed. I am really tired (gee, it might have something to do with the Ativan I took 20 minutes ago) and I want to do some visualization exercises before I go to sleep.

So, from Sunday's party...

Steve, the birthday boy in the gray and Daryl, his brother.

4-year old Stephanie and Bridget. Bridget was so good... Stephanie and her played for hours! Of course, it did help that Stephanie had a bag of Bridget's treats -- Snap Peas and Cauliflower pieces :)

Cousin Debbie, Don and the little diva, Bridget.

Well, here is half the dinner party... as you can see, when we all get together we have to have a large, large extended table or three :)

I don't mind this picture but hello... has the comb been invented yet?? It would be nice if I had put a comb through my hair. This is towards the end of the evening and even I can tell I'm starting to get a little on the tired side ;)

And here is the little diva, just so pleased with herself that she could run around the backyard at great speeds... then just lie down on the grass to cool off. Needless to say, after all her partying yesterday, she's been pretty much a slug today and sleeping all day :)

Well, I was going to talk more about visualizations and self-healing through visualizing. I'm about to start that up again. It was something I have always believed in. Our bodies are made up of so much energy and it's amazing the power we have to visualize and repair the energy that may be broken. So, along with the traditional medicine I will also be getting more into Tapping with Sandra and doing a lot of self-healing through visualization. But more on that later. I must go to bed now.




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