Friday, February 22, 2008

Friday, February 22nd, 2007

Hiya Bloggy,

Just me again... another ten days has gone by without an update. What can I say? I suppose I can come up with some wonderful, elaborate excuses that will sound really good, but what the heck... someone is bound to catch me on that ;)

Naaaa... the truth is, there was a week of evenings and two weekends where we were busy with TUTS auditions. That was a lot of fun but it did seem to tire me out more than I thought it would. Go figure, eh? Here are a few pictures.. well, only a couple because, although I had my camera with me the whole time, I kept forgetting to take any pictures, which is sooo not like me!

Here we have Roxie, James Pollard's terrier, and Bridget, waiting patiently at the TUTS office for their carrot treats. Both are very patient girls!

Back at the Church hall where the auditions were being held, here are some of the kids and Aaron. You have to give it to the kids... they sure are darn cute!!

And here we have the next generation.. President James Cronk and a future star of TUTS!

Anywho... like I say the auditions were fun and tiring, but I was glad I helped work the audition desk.

Since then, I have gone to see the Rheumatologist and he's pretty sure that I'm not showing any signs of rheumatoid arthritis. Phew!! That is great news since I'm not sure I could take that on as well. He wants to keep an eye one things but is pretty sure that the pain I have been going through now for a few months is long term effects of the chemo. Which chemo, or whether it's a combination of one or more chemos, he can't be sure. He wants us to keep an eye on it over the long term but feels that within 6-12 months, some of the pain should start going away, although the osteo-arthritis in my knees will never up and disappear, but I had that prior to the chemo. He's saying that any of the joint/muscle pain that has come on since the chemo, it should hopefully go away... whether all of it or just some of it, only time will tell.

Meanwhile, I now have a PET scan appt... it is set for March 6 in the afternoon. This scan should take about 2 1/2 hours in total... and if truth be known, I can't wait until this one is behind me. There's just something a little nerve-wracking about having to have this scan done because the CEA levels are elevated. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it all means nothing, it's just I don't like the fact the levels have been elevated twice in a row. Apparently a "normal" reading is 0. When I had mine done in December, my reading was a 6, which they consider slightly elevated. My reading in February was an 18, which they consider more than slightly elevated, but she didn't say if this was considerably more or ?? But it's elevated enough to warrant a PET scan. So I will be glad when it's all over... and even more glad if the scan comes back with no sign of anything to be concerned about.

Meanwhile... I'm taking it easy at home tonight. I'm kind of tired and this morning woke up with bad joint pain in the right elbow, upper arm and shoulder. The shoulder has been a problem for awhile and seems to be a little immune to the pain killers, although tonight it's feeling better as long as I'm not doing anything .

Meanwhile... it doesn't look like I'm going to catch up with getting to see all the Oscar nominated movies. I've seen Juno and Atonement... but the others? Oh well! Tomorrow, if I'm doing ok pain-wise, I am going to head to the local cinema here in the West End to see "Across the Universe". I know it's no longer at the mainstream cinemas, but it's one I really wanted to see on the big screen and I found out it's playing at the Denman Place Cinema tomorrow at 2:30pm.

Sunday, it will be off to my friend, Pat's for the Oscars! Sometime between now and then, I am going to bake a cheesecake to take with me... hahaha... now if only I had an Oscar shaped springform pan!

Until next time... enjoy the wonderful spring weather!! Hahaha... of course, having said that, the rain will now arrive!




Anonymous said...

Hi Cheryl,

Greats pics, especially of the little diva. Seeing pictures from my friends and family, always make me happy. I truly enjoy them.

I am sending white lights and prayers your way. I am praying so hard that your pet scan comes back clean.

Hang in there kiddo, I'm hoping this time next year, you will be painfree and back to work.

Hugs, Maryann

penni said...

Hiya Cher! Darn it, I can't find your email address so I'll leave a note here.

Good grief, what an awful lot of crap you have flying at you right now. It is no wonder the panics have set in. My heart goes out to you. If the Ativan doesn't do the trick, ask your GP about Zoloft. He probably didn't prescribe it now because it takes a few weeks to kick in and of course, you need immediate relief. But if the anxiety proves more long term, Zoloft might be the answer. It has worked wonders for me and I wish you the same calm, especially with all you are having to deal with.

You and another friend of mine are both enduring so much facing your cancers. I hold you both in my thoughts and prayers, all day, every day. I know you both have the courage to deal with anything!
I just wish you didn't have to!

Love and hugs,
Penni and Dave