Sunday, October 21, 2007

Sunday, Oct 21, 2007 - Rain, Rain and what? More Rain!

Hiya Bloggy!!

And a wet soggy Sunday this is!! Actually, it's been a wet soggy week with more rain on the way!! Arrrrrgh! I don't mind "rain" per se, but every day?? Where are those gorgeous Fall sunny days that are crisp and you can go kicking leaves when you are out for a walk? Not to mention, I'd like to take my camera and get some shots of the pretty leaves and stuff! I miss being able to just put Bridget on her leash, grab the camera and just head out! Since I'm now (temporarily) relying on the help of a cane when out walking... we don't get to go too far. But still, if it was sunny, I could still find things to take pictures of ;) And I do plan on getting back into my puttering around with photography!

Well, now speaking of photography and Bridget. I think I mentioned last time that Bridget was finally going to get her haircut... which she did!!! So let's have a recap... here's a picture of her just before her grooming:

Poor little bedraggled doggy!!

But then, here she is AFTER a good bath and haircut:

Now doesn't she look more like a schnauzer?? :)

Soooo this is Bridget, looking more like the breed she is... not to mention it always looks like she's lost 5 lbs after she's been to the groomers (grin). Hmmmm...maybe that's the key... maybe I should be going to a dog groomer!!! LOL!!

Ok... continuing on the picture theme... I was playing with my new computer and the built-in webcam late last night. Greg and I had gone out for dinner and then to the Applause! Musical Theatre's fundraising Cabaret. Before we left the apartment, he had flat-ironed my hair ... and since I still had some makeup on, I figured I'd get a few pictures before I headed to bed. I wasn't expecting much from a tiny webcam that's built into the top of the monitor, but hey... all things considered, the pictures didn't turn out so bad...

In no particular order...

There we go... not too bad, eh?? I think my favourite one is the black and white one. The photo software that comes with the new iMac is the updated version of iPhoto, and I really like it. I would like more features but of the features it has, it's pretty ok in my books :)

Well, this past week was spent going to theatre things and catching up with some friends... as well, catching up with sleep! It was also the week that I had to finally admit that the pain in my heels/feet was enough that it was causing me to have problems with my sense of balance. So, I am (temporarily) having to use the assistance of a cane when I go out walking. Not all times... this morning I was actually feeling quite ok and Bridget and I went out for our morning walkie sans the cane... but if I am tired or just having one of those days, then I now have the cane to assist me so I don't have to do the "I've fallen and can't get up" commercial :)

Well gang... tomorrow is IT!! Ok, tomorrow (Mon) and (Tue, Wed) will be my LAST chemo session!! Yep... this will be the 12th session of my chemo therapy and the final one!!! Yipppeee!!! I never thought we'd get to the end of them!! Originally I was told there'd be 12 of them (but found out later that most people with this type of cancer can only get through 6-8 of them before their system indicates that that is all they can tolerate. Since I was getting 5 1/2 weeks of radiation, my oncologist wasn't sure how much my system would be able to tolerate. Just before the radiation in the Spring, Dr. Gill said that she thinks with the amount of chemo I had gotten (4 sessions) plus the radiation (25 sessions of 3 zaps each), that she thought my system probably would only be able to handle 4 more chemo sessions after the radiation... so we were aiming for the 8 sessions in total. Well, come #8, my bloodwork was still doing fine, so she said we'll go for the 10 sessions. Hahahaha... I thought I was finished come #10 and she said the bloodwork was still showing great cell reproduction so we'll go for the full 12. HELLO?? I will have completed the full cycle!!! With the accumulation of the chemo, I can be found looking sleepy at times... ya, I can get tired easily (grin)... so another two weeks and then I start the full recovery process... and healing from the inside out.

SOooooo... wish me luck on this last session!! I'm so looking forward to starting the healing process which I'm assuming is much easier than the actual chemo process :)

Well, I'm about to sign off now because, even though the rain has not stopped, I'm going to have to drag Bridget out in it to go for her afternoon constitution. But, before I go.... I want to wave (wave wave wave) to my friends, Doug and Marilyn, who were over this weekend from Shawnigan Lake!! "Great to see you two again, even if us gals did see men hanging from signs and they weren't real men!! (grin). See you in Hawaii!!!!"

Ok... I know I've forgotten to mention lots of stuff this week... but I've learned to just go with the flow :) I'll be back later!




Rich said...

She looks like she's smiling in the second shot.

Melinda said...

Great pics of two of my fave girls (grin). And CONGRATS on finishing chemo!!!!! Woohoo!

Uncle Debi said...

Thanks for the pics, I like the black & white best too. Congratulations on finishing the chemo, wow, you can really feel proud of yourself. Thanks for the smiles too, you always bring 'em!