Thursday, September 27, 2007

Thursday, September 27, 2007 - Another week goes by

Hiya Bloggy!

Well, I guess it has been about a week or so since the last update. I guess we are just not going to get into daily updates no matter how good the intentions... time just goes by too fast.

A little recap since last Thursday's entry... if you recall, I was hit by two bugs... an intestinal flu bug and a bronchial bug. Well, it was the intestinal flu bug that made me feel like life couldn't get any worse, but luckily that little bug only lasted 48 hours. It's the bronchial bug (that I still have) that appears to be knocking the wind out of my sails. Well, that combined with the chemo treatment this week. I've been very good and laying low this week, but even though I don't have any energy, I'm already starting to feel cabin fever. Like I just have to get out and do something, yet, I don't have the energy to go anywhere or do anything. I know as soon as I can kick this bronchitis, I will feel much better!!

Anywho... perkier days to come, I'm sure! I know my doc wants me to just let these bugs work their way out of my system but I'm thinking I may go in to see him tomorrow and tell him I want some help to kick them out of the house...they've overstayed their welcome ;)

Well, let's see. Last weekend, on Sunday we had another little Gal Pal get together at Nancy Herb's. Arranging these can take some juggling because us gals all have such different schedules. But we eventually find a day/time that we can all meet up... and yes, we will include our token favourite gal pal guys too. Greg couldn't make it this time because he was in NYC, but John could, so we did have our token gal pal for the occasion. I definitely was not feeling my usual perky self but well enough not to miss out on the fun, laughter and medicine that having good girlfriends together to share the bonds of friendship. Here are some pictures that I took and played around with on my new iMac :)

This is Truman... is he not adorable?? He is a Giant Schnauzer that Nancy is now his new Mom. He is a rescue dog and is the most gentle giant! Even Bridget, who is scared of big dogs, loves Truman. I would steal him in a minute if I knew I could get away with it!

Hehehe.. a goofy, cute picture of Nancy and Lynda. I'm not sure what we were doing that caused these faces but they were funny!

Awwww... sicko Cheryl and John. He's not afraid of any old bronchial bug!!

My long, lost buddy... Teryl! Teryl and I were best of buddies back in our younger days. We were inseperable! Then, for some reason, we drifted off on separate paths and lost touch. Lots of years have gone by where we both tried to reconnect and find each other but kept missing each other. We re-connected just a couple of weeks ago and it's WONDERFUL to be back in touch!! Just like the good old days!!

Here is a picture of Kim... laughing because she was in the washroom when I opened the door and said I needed her picture (grin)!!

Jill and Maddalena! These are friendships that go back 25 years and more!

So, that was Sunday's fun. On Monday, it was back to the Cancer Clinic for Chemo treatment #10. I really wasn't sure if they would be able to go ahead with it or not because of feeling so lousy with the two bugs I had come down with. First thing in the morning I had to go to the lab and get my blood work done. This would be the deciding factor, depending on the test results. Then it was up to the 6th floor to the chemo unit. I had to explain to the nurse about my symptoms and she got in touch with Dr. Gill (oncologist). They went over my results which, once again, had come thru with flying colours and figured it was worth the risk to go ahead with the chemo rather than throw the schedule off. I had orders that, over the next few days if I were to come down with a fever I was to get in touch with Dr. Gill immediately.

Soooo... I got hooked up to a bag of the Fluoroucil as a booster which takes 40 mins, and then hooked up to my chemo pump. Meanwhile, the chemo nurse, Leanne, is one of my favourites. She has a great sense of humour! Another patient, Rita Wong, showed that she had a great sense of humour too so the two of us had a great time yakking, teasing Leanne and just making the time pass by quicker. It turns out, Rita has the same type of cancer as I did, was taken to the same hospital, ended up having the same surgeon and now has the same oncologist. So we have a lot in common... and got along great! We are now keeping in touch in email.

On Wednesday, Nurse Andrea came by the apartment and unhooked my chemo pump. I was expecting that today, Fri, Sat and possibly Sun will be rough because my system will have to fight the chemo fatigue as well as the bronchial bug. Well, no sign of the "queasies" or stomach upset... and I didn't even think I was tired. But (grin), I must have been because Bridget and I didn't wake up until 10am... and then went to lie on the bed and read a book at 2pm and don't even remember falling asleep, but when I opened my eyes it was 6pm! So much for Thursday, huh?? Of course, here it is almost 11:30pm and I'm wide awake!! :D

This weekend I have kept my social schedule clear just because I know I have to give enough time to kick this bug. And kick it I better because I do have some plans for next week. Then the following week which will be Chemo #11 week, I already have 3 social commitments lined up... so there's no room for bronchitis or flu!

Well, I have to tell you all... I am having an absolute hoot with Facebook. I know, I know... yet another site to keep track of and who has the time?? But it is a neat site in that you can make your community as big or small as you want. I love it for finding old friends and keeping in touch with them because let's face it... I'm having a heck of a time keeping up with email! And yes, I know I owe a bunch of you out there who are reading this blog, email. I don't know how I got out of the habit because I used to be soooo good with it but now I just can't seem to keep up. But I LOVE receiving email so don't give up on me yet!! :D

Ok... I think I'm going to close this entry for now and actually go to email and see if I can get a few more out to people. Meanwhile, I shall be baaaaack!!



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