Saturday, July 7, 2007

Saturday, July 7th, 2007 - At the theatre

Dear Bloggy,

Well, there's not a lot of variety in news to report. For the most part, I've spent my time down at the park, working in the office as we gear up for the opening of Grease and Oklahoma. This is the week before opening and everything is happening at once. Very chaotic... but at the same time, it is probably one of the most calmest "Tech Weeks" I've every experienced... and this is with putting up TWO shows, not just one!

Since it is 11pm and I'm a little tired, I think I'll just put up a bunch of pictures which will sort of explain my week... and you can see for yourselves how gorgeous Vancouver is when the weather co-operates :)

This was an exciting point this week... the breaking of ground where they are building our new Gateway structure. This structure will hold the outdoor box office, the outdoor coffee bar and the outdoor Beer/Wine bar as patrons arrive to the theatre.

The start of building our Gateway. Here is James Cronk (in tie), the theatre's new President and James Pollard, the General Manager.

This picture cracks me up! Here we all are in the office working on our own depts... and everyone has their own laptop and are lost in their own little world (grin)

And here we have another supervisor... surveying her domain!

"Ok, when does this show start?? I'm getting impatient!!"

"Hey, Mom... this ride is pretty lame. It's ok, but it's no roller coaster!"

By the end of the day, they now have the structured beams up... we still need the roof and the flooring.. and then the drop down fabric for the temporary walls. The structure will come down after the season is over in August... and put back up again next year.

This kid is amazing!! He's a boy scout who is working on his "Eagle Badge" (?). He's the one who has headed up getting the gateway built. He met with engineers, electricians, carpenters, etc. and basically has been the Project Manager. He has gotten some help from our techies, but this has been his project to work on to get his badge.

Bridget and I take breaks from being in the office and we go for little walks (ok, in my case, little hobbles since feet and legs are now weak points for me). Here is one of the trails we went on to check out the rose gardens.

Back to the theatre to check how the move-in is coming along. In this picture, they had just moved all the set pieces for Oklahoma in.

Bridget was also interested in what was going on on the stage, although, in all honesty she was more interested in the people that were around. She loves to run up and yodel at anyone who pays attention to her... which is most everyone.

Later at night... here is a rehearsal shot of Oklahoma.

Here's another rehearsal shot of Oklahoma. By this time I was getting eaten alive by mosquitoes in the grass. Gotta get some mosquito spray!

Ahhh... yes... so much fresh air, people, chaos, activity... the box office dog has had enough and just curls up in her little pink bed and is oblivious to everyone and everything around her.

Ok... I'm going to stop now. Time for me to head to bed.

Nighty-night all!



Uncle Debi said...

Don't know if this is true, but it's new to me.... I've recently heard that if you put a dryer sheet in your pocket it will repel mosquitos. Let's all try it and report back.

The pictures are gorgeous! You sound great. I'm doing great too. Send me a list of movies, you're way overdue.

moonduck_1999 said...

Wonderful pictures! I especially like the littlest supervisor. lol
A friend of mine's son, plays on a baseball team. They use dryer sheets to keep the gnats away, so maybe it works on mosquitos too. Because of perspiration, you have to keep using them.

Maryann W

Anonymous said...

Hi Cheryl!
Wow! Great pictures! I have been out of touch but so glad to see you are keeping busy as usual. Bridget looks like she's got things under control! ;)
I hope things are going well with you. I need to catch up on your blog entries.
Eagle Scouts are the best of the best! They work hard to become great men and citizens.
Love ya! Lisa M