Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Tuesday, June 5th, 2007 - Retirement Seminar

Hiya Bloggy,

Hehehe.. has it been 4 days since I last posted in the blog? Sheesh... where DOES the time go? I know that part of those four days was the weekend... I had every intention of posting on the weekend because I swear (figuratively speaking) that it was the best weekend we've had weather-wise this year. We've had some nice ones, but this past weekend felt like summer-perfect weather! Not too hot and certainly not too cold! I know it will get warmer in the summer, but my ideal perfect weather is around 22C (approx. 74F). I LOVE it when it's that temperature... and not a cloud in the sky.

Anywho... I was going to write about what I was up to this past weekend, but alas, at 11:30pm as I'm writing this on Tuesday, do you think I can remember what I did on the weekend?? :) Chemo Brain strikes again! I swear, Chemo Brain is worse than menopause because there really are frequent memory lapses! I now know why I could not be doing a job that requires me to remember anything or a need for concentration. I'm hoping with time, both come back :)

Now, the one thing I do remember is that on Saturday morning, Bridget and I went down to the beach for our morning walkies instead of any of our normal street routes. The reason for this was twofold. The first was the fact it was so lovely out that playing down at the beach just seemed a natural thing to do... the second was, with this third type of chemo, one of the side affects is that I could have a reaction to my hands or feet (or both). Now the reaction could be blisters or severe drying of the skin. Of course, being me, I can't have the expected reaction (grin)... my skin is fine and there's no sign of blisters... but both heels are reacting internally. It's sort of like what you imagine it would be like to step on a tack... but in both heels. For this kind of chemo, it's not uncommon to have joint pain... and yes, I have that in places I didn't even know I had joints! I don't take steroids of any kind for this kind of chemo, so my arthritis has resurfaced, as well as the new joint pain... so walking has actually become somewhat of a challenge. One of the instructions that go with the chemo prescription is "no unnecessary walking or activity that requires being on your feet for any length of time". I now know why... and it's true, one can't do this without discomfort and a challenge. So Bridget and I can't go for any of our longer walkies.

BUT... we did make it across the road to the beach Saturday morning. And, of course we had the camera, which Miss Bridget went into pose mode as soon as she saw the camera. Here are some little Diva pictures from Saturday morning:

Hahaha... it's almost hard to find her in this picture, but she is sitting on one of the lights that light this Inukshuk at night. The Inukshuk is the inspiration for the 2010 Olympics logo.

A happy little diva on a sunny, Saturday morning. She is not allowed to run off leash on this public beach, but she is content to be a log dog (grin)

Is this not the cutest little face? She sure knows how to mug for the camera!

Somewhere earlier in the blog there is another picture very similar to this one, but it was before she had a hair cut and looked like an orphan terrier. Here she looks more civilized :)

Later that day, Greg, my hair wizard came over and trimmed my hair. He took about an inch off the length (it is much thinner than even the last time) and then he did one of his great flat ironing looks on it. Notice how much shorter it's getting?? (grin) But I really like it!

Greg and I then went out for dinner at the Boathouse pub which is just across from the park that is next door to my apartment building. After dinner, we came back to my place and went up to the roofdeck and hung out with Mimi. It was gorgeous up there Sat evening.

Sunday, I know I did something but darned if I can remember what! If I was with any of you, I'm sorry... I'm sure it will come back to me... just not there tonight :)

Monday, Rosie the Radiator broke! So I got a call at 8:15am not to come in because it could be a long wait. I explained that I had planned on going to a funeral service after the radiation session in the morning so they told me to go to the funeral and no need to rush. I could call them when I got home and they could let me know if the radiator machine was up and running and if they could get me in in the afternoon.

Mimi, Nathan, Babs, Mitsuo and I went to an elderly neighbour, Tommy's, funeral. He so loved seeing all the neighbours' dogs when they'd walk by his apartment.. he loved the dogs and talking to the neighbours. He died last week and his funeral was Monday.

When I got home, I called the radiation unit and they said they could fit me in at 3pm... so back I went to the clinic in the afternoon and got my radiation session.

Today, Michael (my ex-boss), his wife, Helen and I went to a Retirement Seminar which is put on for government employees to learn about the various options we have with our company pension plan and subsidized benefits. I learned a lot today and found out that we really do have a good pension plan, especially for those of us who will have 35 years of service in when it comes time to retire (2 1/2 years away). Now, if I could just get my investments outside of my pension plan to start making money, I'll do just fine (grin). Needless to say, Michael, Helen and I really enjoyed the seminar.

That catches me up, I think. I am about to head to bed. Tomorrow morning is another radiation session, then Nurse Donna will be over in the afternoon to flush out my portacath. If it is not used in 4 weeks, then it has to be flushed with saline solution and then heprin(sp?) which is a blood thinner, so there are no clots around the device and/or catheter that's inserted in the aorta. We will be using the portacath again when we start the IV chemo again, although Dr. Gill did say she's going to give me a couple of weeks break after the radiation/chemo I'm currently on because I do get quite tired and she doesn't want my system to totally break down.

Ok... speaking of tired... I'm off to bed!

Ciao for now!



Deb said...

What great pictures and what great blogging (did you invent blogging? :D ) We miss you over at TLC hon. Hope all is well with you. HUGS! (not too tight :D)

Deb said...

What great pictures and what great blogging! (did you invent the blog?? :D ) We miss you over at TLC hon. I am so sorry to read that you may have to cut the long walkies. Bless your heart. You're holding up SO well tho and I am so impressed with your spirit and tenacity (did I spell that right? :D) Anyway. Wanted to touch base with you hon. HUGS!

Anonymous said...

Hi Cher! Heparin is the correct spelling. You know the exec asst in me can'r resist offering spelling assistance.
I do so enjoy your photos of the diva! That is the sweetest little grinning face I have ever seen! Hurry back over to TLC and say hello!

Chet said...

Great Pics Cheryl and glad to hear you are still doing so well. Just take it easy enjoy and do worry about what you forget. We don't remember what you did either. ;)