Sunday, May 6, 2007

Sunday, May 6, 2007 -- Lots to catch up on!

Heya Bloggy!

It's been brought to my attention that I haven't put a blog entry up since May 1st! Yikes!! Where has the time gone? Sorry if anyone got worried... no, it has nothing to do with me maybe not feeling well or having any problems. It all has to do with me being a total Social Butterfly and don't have the time to be sick or tired or fatigued (grin).

Anywho... I did want to put in a quick little note here to let folk know that I'm fine and thanks for checking on me! And to all my cyber-moms out there, I know, I know!! I've had a few too many late nights this week and that is not part of the Chemo Week One's plans. I will try to do better... it just so happened that this week was chock-a-block full of plans. What I have done is scheduled Tuesday for a quiet day and night... the whole day. I may not even answer the phone all day (grin).

I have lots of pictures to upload to the bloggy too. Just as a preview of what I am going to yak about and upload pictures of ---

Thurs - no pictures, but had a wonderful evening spent having dinner with friends, Joan, Deb and little Sophia. Just us gals having a girls' evening and pasta!! (forgot to take any pictures of this)

Fri - it was the great "Dave Shave" where my co-worker, bless his heart, decided to do some fundraising for support of the Cancer Society and in support of me and my little journey. He has raised over $700 and it's still not too late to send in donations! If you are interested, let me know and I'll give you the info! Pictures to be set up soon!

Then, Friday afternoon, my friend Kathy from California flew in and the two of us went to The Keg on Granville Island for dinner.

Saturday - Greg, my Hair Wizard came over in the morning to flatiron my hair because this was the day of the Girls' Lunch that we were having at Nancy H's house in Marpole. Ok, it was a GIRLS' Lunch, but we had to have our two token boys... ok, 4 token boys since Nancy's wonderful sons were home. So, besides us gal pals, we had Greg, John, JJ and Brett. Fabulous time and I'll be putting up pictures soon.

Sunday - Kathy's son and his partner had a BC wedding ceremony, then a brunch/reception at The Bayside Room. Some of us gals then went shopping at Park Royal. I'm now resting, before meeting them all at Milestones for dinner.

Monday - I will be driving Bridget out to Dad's in the morning, so he can doggy-sit while I go to the Cancer Agency in Surrey. I have to get an abdominal scan done on some kind of machine that they have at the agency in Surrey, but the Vancouver agency doesn't have. This is the pre-radiation scan that they will be using as a baseline to compare the other post-radiation scans to. After I get that done, then I'll go back to Dad's and have a visit with him and Pat. It's Jerry's birthday on Monday (Happy Birthday, Jerry!!) but I don't think he will be home when I'm there.

TUESDAY will be a definite day of rest... and hopefully, that will be when I can catch up with the blog :D

Sooooooo... all is well! I do still have the major sensitivity to cold because of the Monday chemo. But this is now Day 6, so I'm thinking by Tues or Wed it should hopefully be gone... and hopefully I won't have to deal with it while doing the radiation :)

Ciao for now!


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Bonnie said...

I'm glad you're keeping busy - I just am amazed how well you're doing with chemo! I'm so happy for you, hope radiation is also a walk in the park (so to speak).